Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fashion in Ottawa?

So now that I've gone back home... the one that I've yearned for since I was yanked from the womb 4 months ago but what seemed to be ages before, I've been hit with the harsh reality - TWS (Toronto Withdrawal Syndrome). Yes, though I boast my home city oh so much, Toronto has stolen a piece of my heart without me even knowing.

Leaving Toronto only made me more thirsty to find ANYTHING in fashion in Ottawa. Luckily, one of my besties introduced me to a wonderful events planning/marketing/communications company, STARFISH events while I was in Ottawa. I volunteered at some of their events like Fashion Cures A La Mode - an event where I met 2 Project Runway Canadian Designers! Well, anywho, I met up with their main contact/the voice of the company - Samantha Moonsammy to see what opportunities were available in Ottawa. To break it down, there's nothing here really. BUT, she did discuss with me an event coming up --> the Orleans Wellness Expo January 22nd @ the Shenkman Theatre. The best part? They're having a fitness fashion show. Not exactly the genre of clothes that make my eye sparkle, but hey, who doesn't love a little athleticism in their wardrobe!

So my task is to gather 10 outfits from several vendors for the show. Usually at the magazine, they have this massive master contact list with specific names for each company to get in contact with... so there's no loop around or passing on in terms of phone calls/duties. And, you know they'll definitely give samples if they have them. Here, in Ottawa, I basically hit the stores. A lot of them forwarded me head offices - which are like ALL in Toronto and some in Montreal. Things were looking meek, but today I got some confirmations from some big chain shops! Amazing. I'm super excited to see what they have in store - it'd be even more great if I could pick out the clothes.. you know if they need a hand / or eye / or opinion! Haha.

Well... that's all I have for now. I've got some other styling ideas flowing through my head, but I just have to find the resources to get me going.

Here's for now.

Let you know the aftermath of the event! Wahoo~


  1. ohhhh!!! can't wait to see the final outfits! Please post pictures!

    - one of the besties

  2. Oooh that sounds amazing! I'm excited for you!

    It's funny because people often asked me if I miss Ottawa...and truth be told...I missed Toronto more than I miss Ottawa now...especially the shopping and the whole fashion scene.