Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 7: Just Have to Ask

>>> A Gift from the Acting Chief Editor, thedesignercookie.com. <<<

A model/stylist. That's who the third intern is. She seems to already know quite a few people in the magazine and has many contacts in the fashion industry through her modeling jobs. It would be ideal to build contacts through work. But in my case, I just have to ask. Ask stores. Ask people. Ask companies --> To borrow pieces to style with (style my own friends) and build a portfolio and to see if they are interested in me helping them out. She said she would help me out with some contacts, which is great. And, I asked her to come shopping with me one day, so I can get the real hidden gems of Toronto clothing stores. Her style is amazing by the way. The thing I remember most during our conversation at lunch was: "I'm a clothing hoard; my room and a whole other room consist of my clothes." If that's not a friend I should make, I don't know who is! Haha. She's very impressive. Her description of clothing pieces is impeccable -- fabrics/shapes/designs explained all to the tee.

There's already a few PR agencies that have brands that I really like. I'm thinking of researching on them and seeing what sort of job/career opportunities they might have. One of the companies is called KCD. I guess it's so exclusive that you need a password to enter the website! Oh, come to think of it. I remember.. as I was emailing/calling people from New York to request fashion show tickets I DEFINITELY contacted someone from People's Revolution. Throwback to the Hills/The City & Whitney.

Upcoming events.
> Sept 11/8pm-midnight/Volunteering at a movie afterparty @ TIFF
> Sept 11/10-9pm/Wedding Bells' booth for National Bridal Show @ International Center - Missauga
> Sept 12/10-6pm/Wedding Bells' booth from National Bridal Show @ International Center - Missauga
> Sept 15/6-9pm/Volunteer at Men's FASHION Anniversary Launch Event @ Hugo Boss Store (Bloor St. W)*Confirmed
> Sept 23/6-9pm/Volunteer at Nine West Event (Bloor Street Store)*Confirmed
> Sept 25/10-9pm/Wedding Bells' booth for Canada's Bridal Show @ Metro Toronto Convention Center *Going to confirm (My new roomy is going to come with me to this one!)
> Sept 26/10-6pm/Wedding Bells' booth for Canada's Bridal Show @ Metro Toronto Convention Center *Going to confirm
> Oct 6/6-9pm/Volunteer at BCBG Event (Bloor Street Store)*confirmed
Got to figure out how to make a calendar on this thing!

I'm debating on going to the TIFF one. It'd be totally awesome...BUT my brother is coming down for a wedding that week and would possibly be able to drive me back home for the weekend. If so, should I go or do the TIFF thing? If he isn't able to drive me down, I think I might wait until the following week to visit home and sign up for TIFF. It's until midnight on Saturday. Toronto/midnight/TTC? Sound legit? I'll have to think about that.


PS. I'm moving into my condo tomorrow. No more taking the bus to get partially to work. But, time for cooking my own dinners. I'll keep you guys posted on that one. And, if I dare...I'll post pictures of my *cough masterpieces of divine dishes? HAhaha.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 6: NY Tickets, Please

>>> CN Tower - Drive Home on Sunday Night <<<
This is one of the things I will always really enjoy -- the sparkling city night.

New York, New York. Wish I was going too. Today, it was my task to start requesting tickets for one of our editors to go to New York Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2011 Collections. A bazillion designers are showing, and she wants requests for designers that are scheduled for the same time showing. Would someone be able to keep track of all of that by themselves -- cough, cough *** intern can help? This Fashion Week is going to happen early/mid-September. There are all sorts of designers that are showing like: Erin Fetherston, Jeremy Laing, Carlos Miele, Halston,.. etc. I'm beginning to learn and see more and more brands than ever.

The new intern came in today. She picked up things well. I haven't gotten to know her much..today was a pretty busy day. We all seem like a nice bunch, which is great.

- liv.

PS. Stay tuned for some upcoming events I shall be attending as a volunteer, and possibly working at certain fashion events. I should start a calendar application. Note to self.

Harbourfront: Stinky Tofu

>>>Harbourfront / Taiwanese Sausages & Stinky Tofu / Wei's Taiwanese Restaurant Stand <<<

Taiwanese Festival. Took a bike ride with my two cousins from Chinatown to Harbourfront for Sunday afternoon. It was getting mighty hot that day, so it was good that most of our biking there was downhill. Apparently, there's always festivals and events going on at the Harbourfront.. like ALWAYS. Our taste palettes had a gander at what may smell pungent to some, but delicious to others. The thing is, if you stand and wait in line for stinky tofu, you can smell it a mile away. People describe the smell as dirty toilet. (don't start throwing up now.. ) But, when you actually go for the bite, the smell is barely there. Odd ain't it? Maybe it's cuz you're sensories from your olfactory get de-wired or something. Cannot interpret such a smell after a while. Haha. Harbourfront is a nice place to be on a Sunday afternoon -- perhaps with a scoop of ice cream? Sounds divine. You can get to Centre Island from there as well if you take the ferry.

Scotiabank BuskerFest. One of my cousins brought me after to the BuskerFest going on downtown as well. Apparently there's festivals EVERYWHERE. The only time in Ottawa I see a bunch of buskers is during Canada Day. These acts were pretty amazing.. and would have been even more amazing if the crowd wasn't filled with so many people and tall people for a matter of fact. It was too hot to stand around and pier over everyone else, so we just browsed by the crowds as we squirmed through the masses. It's not easy walking your bike around a bunch of people.

The Bike Ride. Toronto downtown is actually quite enjoyable to bike around. I guess with the high metro fees of $3 per ride and $121 for a monthly pass, people opt for biking instead. Guess that's a good thing, because the air is WAY TOO polluted these days. You can get a waft of stank sometimes randomly on your journey. There are some bike lanes on the roads, but if not my cousin just goes completely wild with breaking the laws for vehicles. They've told me that people riding bikes have actually been ticketed for running a stop sign -- wouldn't ever see that in Ottawa.

Random. On the bike ride back to my cousin's place. She stops and buys some organic vegetables from this man who has a makeshift table filled with produce on the lawn of a church. Completely random or what? People are making business anywhere here.

Super hot day for a bike ride. Went to my uncle's for dinner and played some MJ. (Mahjong for those amateur players). They play intense in Toronto.

- liv.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 5: 1 week down, 15 more to go.

You'd think Friday would be a little more relaxing. But no, not in Toronto. Not at my internship. We scarfed down our lunches in a matter of minutes...and that was only after 2pm and simultaneously doing stuff on the computer. I guess that's how the industry is and how an internship in the industry is.

To Hermes: Taxi ride numero deux. This time I rode in a van. Hmm. it's funny to see people look into the taxi and see me with these two HUGE Hermes bags ... as if I bought all that. Besides, if I did.. I don't think i'd be in a Beck Taxi -- I'd be either in my own chauffeured limo or driving my own Ferrari. So for those of you who don't know, Bloor Street West has all the high end clothing stores. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Holt Renfrew, Pottery Barn, Mendocino, L'Occitane, Cole Haan...etc. If you're looking to break your bank account, you can literally do it in seconds over here.

The last part of the day, we both started working on getting credits for the items -- that is finding information about the products that were shot for the magazine pages (i.e. how much it costs, and where you can buy it). So, like always I end up with the most work. I ended up with the merchandise pages, which are the pages with just products on them, while the other intern just has to do the pages from the photoshoot. To compare, I have to find credits for like 100 items, where as she has to find credits for like 20. I can't wait for my turn at a photoshoot. Oh the glory.

So as I start to walk more and take more commutes around Toronto, I realize that everything is so spaced out. Where I'm living right now is near Pacific Mall. It's exactly one street over, but it takes like 10 minutes to walk to the next street. Crazy eh? Don't ever be fooled by a map. Everything is far! And, that taxi ride from work to Hermes and back took a good hour almost. The cost was $26. I could buy a really nice dinner with that money. Don't worry.. the company gives me taxi chits to get around.

As I took my chance to look around downtown from the taxi, I saw some neat condos that are getting built in the near future. For a friend, who is looking to move there next year, here are some places that may interest you:
> Chaz, on Charles Street near Yonge Street. It's being built for 2013 though. But the way the sales office looks, I'd title the style as hip/classy. Perfect for a young professional looking to work hard/play hard. And, these start at low $200,000. Isn't that strange? At least when I think of the minimum price tag of half a million from the last post I made about condos in downtown Toronto. Maybe it's a steal?
> U Condominiums, on St.Mary's Street and Bay Street. Construction starts in Fall 2010. Perfect to be ready for next September. You should DEFINITELY check out the suite virtual tour. You'll really get to understand the concepts of highly dense population. Tell me what you think. Do you think you could live in a place like that? It sort of reminds me of the Hong Kong 330sq ft. condo (click to watch Youtube video) <-- watch and be amazed! that can transform into 24 different rooms. Then you won't think the UCondo is as crazy. Warning: don't watch if you're claustrophobic.


PS. The new and final Fashion intern will be here on Monday. Finally get to go out for lunch. What to do for the weekend? Shall I just venture alone into world of Pacific Mall? Stay tuned. Well maybe not. It may be just a boring weekend at home.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 4: Small Perk for a Big Job

View from my cousin's finacee's balcony. A view of Toronto city nightlife. Downtown condos start at half a million dollars. Some condos even have rooftop restaurants.......

There were so many things going on today, I could barely keep up. Thankfully, there was the two of us working. We went to drop off some Louis Vuitton items to Jane&Gill Associates - PR Relations. I wonder what they do @ a PR Relations firm. Today, I learned a gigantically-normous amount of info on shipping/packaging items. I think I could be a courier on the side if I really wanted to.

Highlight of the day? Apparently, some beauty samples don't get used in production or are kept, so the Fashion section of the company gets first dibs on sample products, which are a fair size. Three things I took were:
1. Shu Uemara - INSTANT Glow Skin Perfection (Retail Value: $90)
2. Alyria - Reintol Night Complex Level 1 (Retail Value: $60) **Note, I took this for my Aunt. Since I'm staying over at their house for more than a week, I figured it'd be nice to give her something.
3. Marcelle - moisturizing cream (Retail Value: Unknown)

Day 3: Taxi Cab & Maroon Lipstick

>>Sperry Top-Sider A/O 2-Eye Boat Shoe in Sahara<<<

First time in a taxi in downtown Toronto. Nothing like waving down one in New York City, but I guess calling in advance would save me the trouble of 1. embarrassment, and 2. actually finding one outside of the building. So why was I getting into a taxi, you may ask? I was running to get some designer pieces that the companies were waiting for to ship back once the photoshoot was done. So, I didn't get to help out in the photoshoot, but at least I got a sneak peak at some of the looks on models and see the set. Apparently, many of the lofts in Toronto are used as studios, and this one in particular fit the credentials perfectly: 14 ft ceilings, extremely quiet hallways, and urban-style design.

The one look I saw, the model wore a deep violet/maroon coloured lipstick. She looked hot no mattter what pose she made. Her hip bones jutted out. I guess that's the way they are when you're super skinny.

The rest of the day I handled the work of 3 on my own. I made it through and did my first style notes. I saw some high-end shoes -- if you're looking for some Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Ralph Lauren (I never knew Ralph Lauren had a shoeline) look no further than Davids for men & women.

I met up with my cousin after work and walked down Queen Street West. We went for sushi @ Sushi Queen down the street and walked along there to check out some awesome shoe stores. There was a neat store that had a tote bag that could change into like 6 different "modes". I think it was one sale...tempted to buy.. maybe I should get a parttime job? OH! And, we saw Birkenstocks on sale for $60 - the single strap style and $75 for the thong style. A steal, I must say! They have this cool shop called Little Burgundy and Get Outside - some fresh stuff to check out. Found a pair of Sperry Top Slider Classics I'm sort of in love with:
>>Sperry Top-Sider A/O 2-Eye Boat Shoe in Sahara<<
The leather looks hard, but it's actually really soft, i.e. scrunchable. Good thing I wasn't in the mood to shop.

More to add later.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 2: George Antonopolous

The first stylist I have met - he's a free lancer with awesome taste. His pulls were amazing - I would describe it as extreme high-end fashion. Definitely a more demure/subtle look that he chose compared to the rugged style the material has portrayed itself to represent lately. He is an approachable person that actually took my opinions on accessories to heart - I felt special then and there. I made my own suggestions and pulled some hosiery for him too. Nothing like what all the TV shows play people from the fashion industry out as. ----- World: 1 point; Virtual reality: 0. The photoshoot is tomorrow. I'm really excited to see the end results in the magazine but won't be helping out for this one. The other intern was picked to go... (not to worry readers, we rotate turns for photoshoots). Hopefully the next one will be out of this ball park. Really wish I could go to all of them though. Think of it - hot models, hot clothes, cool studio/backdrop. What more could you ask for? Going to be all on my own for tomorrow in the office/large intern cubicle.

So maybe I'll have some time on the weekend to explain the whole story of how I got to this point. Guess y'all will have to wait...if anyone is waiting?


PS. I hope to get some photos going but not exactly sure about the confidentiality of the company -- so it may be just pictures outside of the company. What a shame though... the building is breathtaking (literally, because it feels so airy).

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 1: High-Waisted Leggings w/ Black Patent Panelling & Shoes Attached

A Lady Gaga piece if I ever pulled out one from the numerous packages we received today. It was designed by Greta Constantine. A bunch of new labels/designers that I've never heard of all appeared in front of my eyes - incl. some amazing pieces from Burberry Porsum, Hermes - which I think I saw my first horse whip? Wonder what they're gonna do with that..., to Fenton & Fallon Jewelry, and crazy heels/platforms/thigh highs galore!

The Commute. So, since the internship started late August, I wasn't able to find a place to move in right away. In the meantime, I'm living at a relative's that requires about a 1.5 hour commute to work.
What have a learned about Toronto through the transit system?
- bus drivers are not impeded by the size of their vehicle in how they drive around the streets. oh no, they're just as crazy as any other regular driver.
- express busses are super convenient
- metros are crazy packed @ 5pm

Well. That's all I have time to write at this point. Have to get up bright and early for the commute. I'll get into the juicy (hahaha) details later.