Sunday, October 24, 2010

Level 3 Spookifier

Halloween Haunt @ Wonderland

Halloween Haunt @ Wonderland. I've never gone to the haunt at Wonderland - I had to...even in the pouring rain. Luckily, the fog from the park protected us from the rain? because it subsided by the time we got in the park. The closest thing to a haunt I've been on is the CHILLS for CHEO, where a CHEO dream home is decorated to spook and scare. I was pretty hyped up for the event and ready to hear my heart pump faster. Wonderland is changed into a ghoulish atmosphere by changing their water fountains into eerie red liquid (via cool lighting) and is decorated with webs, cemeteries, and spooky monsters lurking all over. *Yawn* My rating for the scare factor was a 3 out of 10. There were so many people lined up that sometimes you would know what to expect from the people screaming in front of you... but I tried to leave a longer gap between the people in front and I. No matter, it wasn't scary. Weird thing was each maze we went into a monster would always try to follow me at some point. Guess I know the kind of people I attract...

Beyond the haunted mazes, we couldn't pass up going on the infamous Wonderland rides. If it wasn't spooky fright, then why not try some "heighted-fear." Behemoth - the largest and tallest ride in Canada. We had to crack this whip first. It was definitely the best fun and fear of the night. Even though it says it closes at midnight, we didn't leave until 12:30 - 1am. Guess the park knew that everyone was delayed because of the rain. We drove to MacDonald's because we were oh so hungry... and ended up waiting in line there LONGER than any of the rides/mazes. Ironic.

Upcoming next week...
Monday - having a 15-hour work day. 10-5 internship; 5-1am Club Monaco. (can you believe it? ... it's called a "power close".)
Tuesday - I registered for Wendo: a self-defence workshop for women my cousin referred me to
Wednesday - 13-hour work day. 10-5 internship; 6-11pm Club Monaco
Thursday - heading home at night; got Friday off.
Friday - partying in big O!
**P.S. those partying in da club... try to find me! bet you can't ;) I'm not giving any clues on my costume.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 43: We Don't Belong In Here...

LG Fashion Week

So yesterday, when we (the fashion interns) were leaving the LG Fashion Week venue, the photography intern just happened to be outside. He took our photo (how nice). Unexpectedly, this morning, we receive and email from him with the photo attached AND notifying us that it's also on a blog in Holland called Team Peter Stigter. We appear in both the main revolving photo screen on the homepage and also in the Toronto Streetwear Day 3 category. (Try and find us!) I couldn't have worn the plainest thing that day... and we seriously don't belong in either of the sections (just look at the previous photo and photo after ours... it becomes really evident). We had a good laugh about it.

At night, my older cousin invited me over to her place for dinner. She's super vegan and has a holistic lifestyle. I prepared myself with the lack of meat by eating leftover Bulgogi from yesterday's Korean dinner I had with my other cousin. Meal was delicious and not quite as extreme as I had envisioned. My older cousin then took me to a meditation talk. It was in a little store that sold things for spirtuality, like books, cd's, scents... The talk was about different types of meditation and how it can better yourself in becoming more you. A little strange to say/think about, but it made sense. The speaker talked about how we get so caught up with the hustle & bustle of life that we become distant with our conscious selves. We did a little group mini meditation in our circle. It was interesting to learn about but there was so much to absorb that I got lost near the end. My cousin plans to do a meditation excursion for 10 days, where you eat vegan and meditate for 10-days straight. You can't move either... only during breaks and for eating your 2 meals a day. That means... no washroom .. only during breaks!

After that, we got a message from my younger cousin that her fiancee got a free night at the Hyatt on King Street West. So, my older cousin, her family, and I went to go snoop this place out. It was SO modern/classy. And, the view was spectacular. My cousin had some troubles adding her name to the guest reservation because it was under financee's. He told them about their difficulties and upgraded them to the DIRECTOR Suite on the highest floor - 20th!! So how much would you say a director suite in downtown core of Toronto could go for? $1200 smackeroos. The showers even have power jets from the sides. I think I'd take a chair and just sit in there for a few hours.

From Left to Right: view / cool floating couch / the suite / the lobby or lounge area

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 42: The House of Groves

It was one of the editor's birthday today. I went an another errand adventure and bought her a birthday card + present. The other editor gave me some money and off I went. She told me to buy a card and cookies from Mrs. Fields. Buying a card for someone I don't really know - not as hard as I thought. Since we are in a fashion magazine, I just found a card that had a jacket on it with a price tag that said $Yikes. When you open it, it says "Not a day to be practical. Happy birthday." I totally agree...haha. As for the cookies, turns out Mrs. Fields sells cookie cakes. These large cookies that can be personalized. I got a cookie card for her and a few cookies. No clue what kind of cookie she likes, so hopefully she's not picky. Oh, and since the spelling of her name isn't the usual way, I called our reception to double-check. Wouldn't that be horrible as an intern to mispell the editor's name? What a nightmare that would be...


Our days this past week have slowed down for sure. We've finished most of our tasks for the Winter issue, so all that is left is some maintenance work, i.e. cleaning the closet and filing lookbooks. Lucky enough, Toronto LG Fashion Week is this week for Spring 2011 collections. I wanted to volunteer for the event, but by the time I thought of it, it was too late to register. The two editors we work under though, gave us their media passes to go see a show and take notes. We took a taxi to the Heritage Court at the Exhibition Place (where the CNE is held and other entertainment venues year-round) and saw The House of Groves by Jennifer Waters. It was a presentation, but great nonetheless. The clothes were neutral tones and seer-sucker with splashes of coral for daywear and black intricate designs of classics for evening. All hair was done so it looked naturally windblown with moderate volume. Natural makeup. A well, put-together show for an LG Fashion first-timer.

Day 40: First Day at Club Monaco

What a long day that was. I had 13-hour workday. 10-5 fashion internship, and then 6-11pm Club Monaco.

What I wore:
- Julie grey turtleneck
- CM gold ring
- Bianca black/white checkered skirt
- thigh high black socks
- black flats
(I wasn't sure if I could wear the skirt, since it was last winter Club Monaco, but they seemed fine with it)

I was a bit worried with what I wore. They're strict on things like, you have to wear flats that are plain, i.e. no bows, no sequins, no studs. The visual manager even said I can't wear patent, which is a shiny black.

Men's Back. I spent a good portion of my shift there - folding clothes and helping customers, per usual in a retail setting. There database system for looking up clothing stock in other stores is pretty neat too. I spent my 15 min break eating what I had brought as my dinner. This was probably 7 hours after my last meal.

Engaging. This is what they call the greeter. You stand at the front of the store, and make conversation/greet entering customers. I liked looking across the hall into other stores and seeing passer-byers. I had a big smile, so most people smiled back. I got a few hi's even though they weren't going in. But then!!!.... from a distance, I saw a familiar face. Could it be? But, an Ottawian. Yes! I was kind of having a stressful first day.. trying to learn the ropes, so it was definitely nice to see that surprise. Turns out he is here for the week for some consulting @ Deloitte. The company flew him over and he's staying @ the Mariott downtown. How lucky is he? I want to be able to fly around the world on business trips too. Too bad though, thought I'd have some more friends in Toronto to hang out with. I really wish I could just move all of Ottawa into Toronto for 4 months. I'd be good after that.

Closing. My shift ended at 11pm, but Eaton Center closes at 9pm, which means we closed for 2 hours. We tried to refold everything and sized (put piles of clothes from XS in order to XL), and spaced (moved the hangers on the rack so they were evenly spaced). As if, a store needs to be that perfect. But anywho, I was pretty beat after that. One of the other employees ended up taking the same subway back towards north, and he chatted with me telling me a few things to watch out for. The employees are all really nice... managers on the other hand.. a few to watch out for.

Weekend was for walking.

Vintage Shopping. One of the interns gave me a list of vintage places to check out downtown. There's quite a few on Queen Street. So, Saturday..I took this lovely day to walk from Yonge Street to Dufferin (which is a really long-ass walk, about an hour walk). I stopped by about 3 vintage shops. It was nice to walk around Queen Street West. There's plenty of things to see.. and as you get further, there's nice cafes and tiny art galleries. I didn't end up finding anything right, since some things I liked weren't my size. I haven't completely given up on vintage... but I got pretty tired of it after that day. There is one store I do still want to check out... it's called Apt 909 on Dundas West. Apparently, this place is where Japanese people go to, to be inspired for looks.

Before vintage shopping, I checked out the Bay for their "Bay Day Sales". Everything in the store was at least 30% off. So, here was my chance to check out the ring I fell in love with from the beauty shoot they did for the magazine. The ring is by Alex Fraga, a Brazilian jewelry designer. Originally I liked the amethyst 3-D stone ring with a stone band, but it didn't fit very well and only comes in one size. So, the sales lady showed me another few, and I found the perfect one - an emerald stone ring w/ a stone band. Oh my, did it ever look so lovely. Didn't end up buying it though. I didn't feel like shelling out all that money at once. Maybe when I start making more money.. I mean any money at Club Monaco.

That day, I had to take the street car up to Bloor once I finished to meet up a friend. I feel like I'm starting to get used to the transit systems in Toronto more since I don't feel the need to look up directions all the time anymore. There are no maps of bus routes, but they're basically straight lines that go N-S or E-W, so that maps aren't really required. But, that day, I literally walked for 6 hours - it was a walking mood. Makes me think of this song.

Oh, so today was Gap's 40% of regular priced item one-day sale. I bought a few items along with my friend. Today was also American Apparel's special customer sale in Ottawa. My friend said there was a crazy line up for it and at least 30% off everything in the store. Tears for not being there.

Sunday. I went to Dim Sum with my roommates and our friend, who also went to University of Ottawa but is from Toronto. We jokingly call ourselves a family, and that we go on family outings. This was one of them. After that, the boys went to watch a movie while us girls shopped. We were at Fairview Mall. In comparison to Ottawa, I'd say it was a bigger Bayshore. It has H&M and Forever 21, but no Urban Outfitters. This was my first time on the purple line of the subway system. Hooray for exploration. And, hooray for some rejuvenating purchases.

Purchase List:
- Gap: black skinny long belt w/ gold buckle $16
- Gap: tan brown belt $10
- Gap: grey & tan cut-out tights; black & cream thigh-high socks $cheap
- Forever21: off-white open-toe strap band heels w/ ankle strap $32 (what a steal for heels)
- Forever21: multi-colour knitted toque w/ pom pom $9
- TradeSecrets: OPI nail polish (top coat, black onyx - for work, big apple red, and makes men blush) $9.95 - Buy 1 Get 1 50% off. - girls, buy your OPI from tradesecrets.. it's cheaper than Sephora. Though, Sephora does have some special colours for the Christmas season that are hard to pass up. I saw this gold glitter one that is so awesome. Another day.

Welcome Back Home, Kristy.

Left to Right: Hangout @ MST; Me meeting Oreo; Breakfast @ Summerhays

The best part of the weekend was seeing my friends and going to Gatineau Park. Ah... some time to get away from a crazy city like Toronto - what better than to reminisce with Autumn leaves. That day I felt like a kid again - I blew some milkweeds and threw piles of fallen leaves in the air. The park was full of families and nature lovers who understood that Thanksgiving is the time to go to Gatineau. This time I finally visited King's Estate and saw some ruins. Apparently there's a stone house somewhere else in the ruins... that I have yet to find. Another adventure awaits.

I got to see a few friends over the weekend, but still others I didn't get the time to. I did bump into a few people along the way... but that's what's so good about Ottawa - you're bound to find everyone without purpose.

Home. I definitely missed home. We got an apple pie from my friend's bakery for Thanksgiving and some imported belgium eclairs! (I texted my brother a week in advance to buy these for the dinner.) We usually have friends over...that don't have Thanksgiving or don't have their families here every year, but this time it just ended up being the fam. For once, I finished my whole plate, which made my mom happy. I even took some back for the roomies. I missed my bed dearly... and I barely had enough TV to last the stretch of non-coach entertainment for the past 2 months. Ottawa is definitely my home. Everyone here is so friendly, and it's like I know everyone no matter where I go. A different story, for sure, in Toronto.

The last day, I saw the butterfly show with a friend. It was held in the greenhouse @ Carleton University. You actually see butterflies that can land on you.. fly around you. LIVE! Apparently, they really like oranges. It was amazing to see all the different kinds, and they're really interesting to take photos of. The day I left, we had some GOOD dinner at home - I had crabs, lobster, short ribs... oh the deliciousness that I missed so much. As I got back into the carpool to leave for Toronto, I felt the same level of homesickness I did when I first left. I debated all the way back to Toronto if I should come back at all before my internship ends...because it's always going to be that hard to leave Ottawa.
*** Butterfly Show, Carleton University ***

**Special Note: CONGRATS to my chingu for getting married on 10-10-10!**

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 35: Home Sweet Home

Hello Ottawa! Thanksgiving weekend = I get off work at 1pm. Originally, I wanted to come back to Ottawa on Thursday night, but they couldn't let me take Friday off since the other intern is still in Spain (by the way, I got a postcard from her! Espana~ Wish I was there, too). I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and of course, TURKEY DINNER!

I took a carpool back to Ottawa. But, this carpool was pretty legit since it was my dad's friend who organizes it with some other people who have family back in Ottawa that visit them every weekend or so. So remember when Nortel was super big in Ottawa, but then it's stocks turned to pennies and a bunch of people got laid-off? Have you ever wondered what happened to all these engineers? --- They all went to AMD in Toronto. That's where my dad's friend went along with a hundred and some other Ottawian Nortel workers. So there seems to be a lot of AMD people who commute back and forth from Ottawa. Good for me. The ride was LONG though. They wanted to take the shortest distance, HWY 7, but it took longer because the speed limit is lower. How long did it take? 5 FREAKING hours... and a bit. I told them I could drive back to Toronto on Monday if they wanted... and told them it takes me 3.5 hours to get to downtown Toronto. Haha.

Look for updates for my adventures back home! And those of you reading this now and want to hang out with me/see me, please call me! You know my number ;).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 33: Clubbing In & Out

So we're down to two women on this fashion internSHIP. Hoohaa.. what a horrible pun. But anyways, this week, our editor, whom we get instructed from took the week off and the other intern is still in Spain. Not to worry though, we're getting our stuff done like speedy little beavers.

Besides work, I've become a stylist... for Club Monaco! Yesterday we had our "on-boarding", which is basically orientation. I've never had to fill out so many papers for a job.. I think there were 30! After filling the papers, we watched a 30 minute (but felt like 1 hour) long video about AP (Asset Protection) and prevention. By then, it was 9:00PM. (And remember.. I'm in for work at 9AM). After that, we had to help out for the FLIP, which is when the store changes their layout for new merchandise. The new staff all went to help re-organize the sale section - what a nightmare! It looked just like our 3 merchandise closets in the magazine when all sample requests have arrived. I met a few rad people there. There was also this other guy that was in my group interview that made it - not the really cool stylish Asian guy - this British hair stylist.

Some things I found out about CM:
  1. Ralph Lauren tookover in 1999
  2. There's things called Chat-ins where you are tested at the start of each shift your knowledge of promotions/sales/new info
  3. Appearance is really strict. (neutral nail polish for girls, must be approved for wearing things that aren't CM, only allowed riding boots that are all black if you choose to wear boots... etc.)
  4. Toronto CM has 3rd items - like Ray Bans, Belle Sigerson flats... and more to come.
  5. Some great perks for employee discount/benefits.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 29: Friday / Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Friday. Another Friday gone. This Friday, we were rewarded some goodies. Our supervisors/the editors thought that since we working so hard that we deserved some appreciation. The other intern (the 3rd intern is still away in Spain) and I split the bag of randos. Here's what I ended up with:

  • Lancome - tresor eau de parfum 50mL
  • Cromweel Cruthers - shaving oil for sensitive skin 15mL
  • Dermatologica - precleanse 150mL
  • Hot Paws - black toque
  • Aya Accessories - eagle with wing purple sunglasses by Corrine Hunt
  • Banana Republic - tie dye short sleeve open cardigan with 2 front pockets (barley+cream)
  • Sugarlime - sterling silver & Swarovski crystal necklace
  • Sugarlime - sterling silver earring and necklace set
  • Sugarlime - 14kt gold earring and necklace set
  • Sugarlime - 14 kt gold triple hoop earrings
  • Sugarlime - sterling silver crop Swarovski crystal earrings
  • Sugarlime - $10 off your next purchase of $50 x 3

>>> Zone B Exhibit 1: Later That Night At the Drive-In @ Nathan Philips Square<<<

On Saturday, a few of us went to the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche event. This event displays all sorts of different art all around downtown for the WHOLE night. The event starts at 7PM and ends at sunrise. The downtown core was FILLED with people... like Ottawa's Canada Day. Some streets were blocked off and some dumb cars dared to drive downtown. Though, I tried to yell at those drivers who had their windows down to tell them that there was no point of waiting and to just turn around. There was lots of different sorts of art I saw, like chess being played with sound effects/music in the background in an auditorium, random couples dancing by feeling the music on Dundas square, a firefly-like light display, film projections... but my favourite was the overhead images/graphics displayed on screens that were upside-down, right-side up, sideways... any which way you would have to position your body to view them in the right orientation. They had music playing to this too. This display was at the Nathan Phillips Square. I would highly recommend you explore some new art and try this event if you ever happened to be in the neighbourhood. It was fun to try...though the night got pretty cold. We were lucky enough to catch the last subway going home.
>>> Red Pepper, Mushroom, and Salmon Alfredo Pasta a la Kristy <<<