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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Dedication - Music & Band-Aids

I've actually never made a dedication before. But, tonight, it feels appropriate - partly because the music is too good, and partly because a band-aid just so happened to rip open.

For the music:
If I was ever to play the guitar, this is how I'd want to play it. Not rock, no electric damper, just pure acoustic - melody and beats. The voice of the songs come out in his strumming. It's strange how there's so much soul coming out of his playing, but I'm not even sure if he completely understands the feeling of each song... must eh? There's actually a song I listened to that had a different meaning to me than what he intended... not this one that I'm dedicating, but another one that immediately gave me an overwhelming emotion and image of a touching moment. Everytime I play that song, it plays over like a movie, you know.. those ones where all the edges are blurred but you know exactly what's going on? It's funny how I can have such a sure-fire meaning of the song, and so can he...but they're completely different.

For the band-aid:
We get so caught up with everything that's going on right at this moment and all our future plans. So much, that we can't even hear our own true thoughts/feelings. (We meaning I...) Which is why, on occasion, I like to take walks at night... where it's just me and some neighborhood roads, a little music, and the night sky. It's peaceful, and this time of year you can look at all the holiday lights up. And, people can't even see you do silly things in the middle of the road if you wanted to. Felt like going on some swings I passed by, but skipped out because 1. didn't want to freak randos out that might think I'm some sort of ghost/"the Ring" girl and 2. there's always going to be creepers out at night no matter where you are, so I'd rather be walking and capable of running than up in the air on a swing.

So, writing this blog, I have access to "stats", which tells me where my audience comes from. Sometimes I can pinpoint who's reading, like from Japan and Hong Kong (you know who you are!). And, others not so much, like Canada and the US, Germany? Poland?... but catch my drift.

I didn't really expect this to bother me as much now. It's been almost a year, and you still haven't given me an excuse for not saying goodbye. It's been more than 8 years of knowing you, and yet you still have the audacity to do this that I can barely tell who you are anymore. I can't exactly tell if it's you reading, or someone else who lives there... but what the hey, I'll throw it out there. The first time you left halfway across the world, you came back as if nothing ever happened. This time, it seems to be for good. If we were friends before you left, you made us into strangers, possibly enemies?...both not by my choice. If you actually read this, today, I'm saying I forgive; today, I'm saying goodbye. Wherever you are, I dedicate this to you. For the rest of you, just enjoy the artistic peace.

Note: I selected a piece that he did when he was younger. He's EVEN better now, so please take the time to listen to some of his newer songs. You'll be amazed again and again.

PS. Thank you to the friend who introduced me to the music. Life is good with it.

PSS. Promise more fashion updates - for those of you who think.. "what's this girl doing writing this stuff on a fashion blog"?

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