Thursday, March 24, 2011

OFW March 2011: Where Have These People Been All My Life?

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OFW: Day 3

Over the past weekend, Ottawa Fashion Week appeared once again to showcase designers for their Fall/Winter 2011 collections. Adrian WU was and has been the show-stopper for the event, appearing on the final night of the event. There was a great lineup for the entire week, but Sunday had to be my favourite.

Like I've said time and time again, the fashion industry is ALWAYS last minute, and this time was no exception. We were bringing in designers and marketplace vendors up until the day of the event. What's difficult is that we have to print event booklets/literature prior to, so it's a delicate situation to handle in this high-strung environment.

During this role as administrative event coordinator, I was able to land two designers: The Escape Movement and Illyria Design. Both showcased on Sunday, and I must say Illyria has impeccable style herself - she wore this flowy maxi dress that's perfect for resort/spring attire. Both designers I found through my newly created fashion network - ode to the fruits of my labour.

The event assistant and I worked the ticket booths because this season, they upgraded to scannable bracelet entry. Yes, many jokingly complained that it was as if they were in a hospital - and true to their retort, the bracelets came for a medtech company. Unfortunately, technology, though in its good intentions, does not always succeed in its duties. We had some quick thinking to do and resorting to colour-coded stickering to signify different day pass-holders. Maybe next season, scanning will become a reality - just like how Mercedes-Benz NYFW has Blackberry barcodes for entrants.

By the way, the ticket booth wasn't as boring as you may think. My gosh the people that live in Ottawa... that I've NEVER seen on the streets... have impeccable IMPECCABLE fashion sense. They were like right out of the pages of Vogue magazine. I wanted everything they were wearing. And, but of course, our OFW team was working in style too. But seriously, where are all of these people on a normal day basis? Ottawa really is holding down some juicy secrets/treasures. Mind you, there were quite a few big wigs floating around - like The Loft owner, some ambassadors, (the US ambassador's daughter showcased Sunday night), and plenty of celebs walked down the runway at the charity gala - Walk the Truth, where they will auction of one-of-a-kind pieces from several designers for charity.

Yet another surprise, I found out that one of my childhood friends has now become a jewellery designer with her sister. Their line is called MAFIA Jewellery - quite a unique story of how it was founded. They appeared both in the Marketplace and on the runways collaborating with some of the designers.

The venue was held at the National Art Gallery. There was a ramp leading up to the runway room with jaw-dropping architectural eye candy. What a glam place to be. And the runway was a shiny patent white with stage lights lined above - a great way to light up both sides' front row fashionistas/celebs/VIP!

If I get a chance to do this again, I'd love to be part of the production side of the event. But, I'd be backstage the whole time... OR just be VIP front row. Haha.

PS. Yes, those lashes definitely were a conversational piece. Where else could they be more appropriate but at a fashion function .... or halloween? Haha. In this case, I think they do more justice here as an art rather than costume. And, yes.. I could barely see, that and I think I've built eyelid muscle from wearing them all day!

Here's a list of links you can view for coverage of the event: (Emily Brown - social media intern for OFW)

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  1. Great post Kristy (I love the piece about jaw-dropping architectural eye candy!) It was so nice to meet you- you have great style!!