Monday, April 11, 2011

Enroute to LGFW: Who Would Have Thought

Homage to Toronto Fun and My One Eye.
(Clubbing @ Frequency)

Somehow I always end up in these little adventures.

Originally, I was debating on whether or not even to go to the event to volunteer because of what costs incurred (stunt driving) that came along with just getting to the mandatory meeting - yes, I went to Toronto for one day just to make it to their meeting for the later event: LG Fashion Week. And another point, they gave me a schedule to volunteer with the title of "Fashion Police". To me, that sounded like I was going to be ushering guests throughout the venue and ensuring the "safety" of the patrons. BUT, I lingered my decision and got a further email saying that "Fashion Police will be getting special outfits to the exception of the rest of the volunteers". Note there's hundreds of volunteers at LGFW, and I lucked out with a special outfit. It HAD to be a better position than I was thinking. Getting to wear special outfits -- How could I pass that up?? If that couldn't teeter my decision one way, I don't know what could.

I thought making the decision was the hard part, but apparently not. I booked a ticket to go to Toronto by Viarail. (No, i didn't want to bring my car - and that was what I planned originally even before the stunt driving charge - just because it'd be easier on the subway). Things were set in motion, but like always there's life's little hiccups. There was an accident along the railway at Colbourg two days before I was leaving (how ironic, since that's where my court case is), so trains were not running between Ottawa to Toronto and being shuttled by motorcoaches. Though the motorcoach would arrive late, my team lead said it was alright. I found out all this the night before. I was packing until the wee hours of the night - went for a nap and planned to wake up an hour later to get to the train station on time. OVERSLEPT like 15 minutes. The train/motorcoach left at 6:15 and I woke up at 6:30. GREAT. Ahaha. Well then I get a phone call at 6:30 am from the carpool that I found earlier on in the week, but decided not to take, but then called the night before to see if they could make it to Toronto on time, but never got an answer from. SO, he was leaving in half an hour. I frantically gathered everything together in hopes of meeting him on time. 7:00AM rolled around, hopped into his car, and off I went.

In the car, I was thinking... what happened in the last hour? A bunch of random shit, that's what! Like all Asian carpools, they either drop you off at Fairview Mall or STC (Scarborough Town Center). I literally gathered myself together while on the way there and in the bathroom of Sears. That's definitely a first. Felt like I was a nomad with no permanent home using tools/facilities open to the public.

Another hurdle I had to overcome. Where was I going to put my things in the meantime before I was going to meet up with my friend to stay over at her place that night? (Thanks for letting me stay over. The hospitality of friends is always so heart-warming). I tried calling Viarail because they have a storage room, but they only let clients use it). I tried calling Greyhound but no one answered. I tried calling Fairmount Royal Hotel across from Union Station and they didn't let people other than clients or card members to store baggage. I was willing to pay money. But no... oddly enough, they didn't know the business sense of making a dollar and denied a paying customer. I didn't want to waste time or a token to stop by the Greyhound to check, so I left it up to believing in our fellow citizens and leaving my personal belongings unattended at the volunteer lounge for LGFW.

So my adventure begins.

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