Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 76: I Feel So Bundled Up

Snow has finally reach Toronto and is here to stay for the winter! The first snowfall is always the best. Living on the 10th floor of this condo building, I get a spectacular view of the snow falling, falling, falling. Sometimes the wind blows so hard that the snow even flies upward - what a magical sight. We have a tunnel system through the underground parking lot, but I always skip it when it's fun weather like this.

Time to pull out the winter jacket, cozy sweaters, and warm boots. It's a great time to layer, but the vast difference in weather between the subway station and outside compares to being a hot spring in the subway while being all bundled up. That's why we just sit there like melting snowmen until the stop comes. Have I ever been so excited to run outside in the freezing cold...

Speaking of cold weather... our editor is leaving for Miami in a few days. I wonder what she'll bring to wear. ~~~ Parkas or bikinis!

My nice Japanese phone, which is white, which is the reason why I bought it has finally met it's last call/text message. Great...JUST before my internship ends, and when the white iPhone4 hasn't come out yet.. which I doubt will (it'd be a waste of effort since iPhone5 is only to come out in another 6 months). So, I have to cave in and get the black iPhone4, but there aren't any even available at Fido Stores for the past half week.

After being upset at getting a $350 phone bill for the past month, I got fed up and called customer service. Originally, this mean lady only gave me a $30 credit, and the next day the retention dude said he couldn't reopen it. Today, I got another $50 credit, but I think that's all I'll be able to get. Never have I ever gotten such attitude and poor service from a company. 1. They're inconsistent from agent to agent as to what the rules are. 2. They don't clarify things - and expect you to know the rules right off the bat. 3. They don't understand the motto "Customers are always right." Anywho, I hate negotiating things, but I think that's substantial to help me out. Both my roommates said I didn't sound angry enough - but I thought I sounded PRETTY irate. Gonna work on that... I also negotiated a 3-year contract in advance for the iPhone4 I want to purchase. Here's the plan:

Voice - $25
  • 200 daytime minutes
  • Unlimited Evening (starting at 5pm) & Unlimited Weekends
  • Unlimited Fido-to-Fido calling --> I hope there's a lot of you out there...
  • 2500 text messages
  • Caller ID & Voicemail (a must have for some reason since I got my first phone)
Data - $30
  • 6 GB (not offered to new customers)
What do you think? Did I rob a bank? Or just stole a candy?

Last weekend:

One-of-a-Kind Show. My roommate and I went to this artisan event held at the Exhibition Place. The best part of it was actually the ride there (you have to take a streetcar from Union Station but it goes underground... so cool!) and the food. There was lots of jewelry, furs, wacky clothing (which the model intern did runway shows for, for the whole week), and art. But, the food was great to try - especially when it was getting to dinner time, and I was super hungry.

Black Swan. This movie sucked the life out of me. SO INTENSE! It originally played at the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). My roommate really wanted to see it, and it was only playing in ONE theatre in all of Toronto for a limited release. The Saturday show was sold out, so we went to see it on Sunday. It was one of the most amazing, dark, suspenseful, and disturbing yet beautiful movies I've seen. Natalie Portman really shines in comparison to the minor characters in the movie. I couldn't help but fall in love with the dress she wears to the party where they announce her as the main role. All the costumes were done by Rodarte - bravo! At the end of the movie, you'll want to wear cashmere everything AND you'll want to kill yourself. Haha.

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  1. You really need 6GB of data?! for 30 bucks thats pretty awesome.. but wouldn't you want to try and knick the unlimited texting as well?