Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Season Finale Part Deux: Last Weekend

One of My Uncles :)

Family Dinner. So I'm lucky to have a few relatives who live in Toronto that I can visit. They were kind enough to have an early Christmas dinner since my cousin just got back from a 10-day meditation camp and since I was leaving soon. (Yes...10-days of silence that she asked me to come along with too...) They have a 2-day kids one.. I think max I could go for that. Haha. My thoughts can be deadly sometimes - I think it has to do with the creative juices. Can't be creative without being a little insane. So yes, dinner was delicious. My uncle is a wonderful chef. I even got into a fight with my dad when I was little about how delicious my uncle's rice is. (My dad drove me to the airport saying I should fly to Toronto and go have my uncle's rice.) Haha. My uncle is such a sweet man - my aunt and him have this apartment and they have family pictures EVERYWHERE, i.e. kitchen cupboards, fridge, tv, anywhere you could fit a photo - like a family gallery.


Babyface. Instead of going downtown clubbing, my roommate wanted to go to this Asian club. First time ever - there's parking for a club. As if? There was also an open-fire pit to keep people in line warm...but only the people at the front of the line! And to make things even more funny.. there was a separate line for karaoke! Well.. eventually, we convinced the bouncer after what seemed like an hour of waiting to let us three girls in, since "we drove all the way from Ottawa to get there.." (like 4 months ago! haha). So what I've realized was that Asians don't dance. Most of them just stare. We tried to have as much fun as we could nonetheless. Random people danced with us... some dude danced with me who apparently had a gf, which this other girl made blatantly obvious to him after dancing with me. (I had no clue until my friends told me after). After some guy got bashed in the head with a beer bottle and a pool of blood spilled on the ground, we left. Definitely not an epic night.

Fancy Farewell Dinner @ Trios

Farewell Dinner @ Trios. I wanted to have a fancy dinner before I left. No one seemed up to go downtown, so I found something nearby our place. Turns out this restaurant was in a hotel. There was barely anyone there.. kinda bummed out about that. But, the food was good anyways. My friend and I tried these tasters, where you can select things of the menu that are appetizer/bite-size. We had risotto (yum.. I had this on my birthday when I was in Italy earlier this year), a goat cheese dish, and calamari. My two roommates got into a fight in the middle of dinner, so that was sort of upsetting as it was my farewell dinner.. but eh.. our roommate dynamic will always be like that. I've learned to love and forgive.

This was at Pacific Mall. I haven't had sticker pictures for SO long. It's when you get the most Asian out of me - when I take these photos. Haha.

Dessert w/ Roomies @ Cafe Princess

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