Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Season Finale - Part 1: Peace Out Club

Last Shift? @ the Eaton Center

The end to extremely late night work at a mall I go in/see almost everyday since I've been here. This last shift wasn't the best note I could end on. It was a downright upsetting last note to end on. The manager was picking on me all night. One, saying I wasn't loud enough to greet the customers. Two, she was surprised that I asked to be transferred...she thought I was just leaving. Three, at close, she asked me, "Do you call this clean?" and nit-picked on everything I did. She didn't know it was my final shift.. but I don't think it would have made a difference. I don't know if she was upset that I was leaving at a busy time at the largest Club Monaco store in Canada, or that she was just having one of those days. But, boy.. was I ever glad to have finished and jetted out of there at 11:30pm. You'd think I've learned to toughen my "shell" by now...with the industry that I'm currently in, but no... it still gets to me. And yes, I did cry a little when I got home.

On a better note, the other manager - who is extremely nice, transferred me to the Club Monaco back home.

Despite all this, I'm going to bring a box of chocolates to share amongst the 100 employees that work there.

I'll definitely miss their amazing visual displays of clothes and special third-party items that only the Eaton Center carries. I'll miss the odd customer that would let me pick out outfits for them that they'd actually buy - those baller customers. And, last but not least...some of the coolest cats there are - my co-workers.

I've learned to hate selling based on productivity. But, I love when I get the chance to give my opinion on how something is worn, or what to wear with items, and picking out outfits.

Being only my second retail job, the first being the Bay in the Menswear... where I didn't necessarily have things I could buy for myself to wear, Club Monaco - I've learned the retail woes of working in a store with great clothing. You go broke. You work for your clothes. Good or bad - depends how you see it.

Let's see what CM has in store back home...


  1. I am feeling exactly how you feel. add oil girl. xoxo

  2. Did you bring chocolate back for me? :) See you around this holiday Kristy!