Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 73: Perfection on a Budget

Black, Black, Black, Black

TGIF. I was pretty much on my own today at the office. So, with all our duties complete, I cleaned this area in front of my cubicle. The editor-in-chief of our magazine asked me to move all the archived magazines at the corner of her area to that section. But how to organize all the magazines with no shelving system available and a zero-dollar budget? Easy-peasy.. I found those cardboard boxes that you buy bulk computer paper in. And since you know those boxes fit letter size, it was perfect for the magazine! And somehow I arranged them so that it would fit PERFECTLY in the little nook on top of the drawer unit. How lucky is that? I felt so proud of my little cleaning project... haha. silly of me, neh?

Today was the photography intern's last day. He has a happy ending - leaving to Holland to join the photography team from our magazine. How great is that? Congrats to him. Though I didn't get to know him that well, we had a jolly good time emailing about contacts together.

Club Encounter. Yet another man approached me on my Wednesday shift of greeting. At least this time he wasn't as serious and didn't get all up in my face. I'm glad I'm so tired by the time I work at Club ... that way half the time I'm not even listening/caring about what he has to say. Though, he did blurt racial and sexual remarks. Why me...

Wen-Do. This week was my last class of self-defence. As our finale, we had the option of breaking a board. How could I pass this up? Here's the result of my hammerfist (Hiyah!):
Imagine This Was Your Face

I really hope I don't have to ever use what I've learned, but if I do, I hope I still remember and that it actually works. >.<>

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