Monday, November 29, 2010

I Want to Be Your Rocketeer

On Saturday, I worked at Club Monaco for their morning to afternoon shift. It's been a while since I've worked a full 5 hours on the floor. And, this time it was the craziest busy, and I was placed at the front (which I feel is a prestigious role since you're with all the new merchandise) for the whole time. EXCEPT for the first hour - I was engaging, i.e. greeting people. So, I really enjoy greeting people because 1. I get to people watch outside the store, 2. Be alone with my thoughts when there's nothing to do because otherwise I'd just be standing there, and 3. I get to see what people are wearing when they enter the store. Well, NOT this time. This time, YES at 10 AM in the morning, a.. most likely drunken scary looking man approached me and started talking about the most vulgar, sexual things. I thought he'd eventually back off but came closer and closer. He asked for my number and when I was working next. OBVIOUSLY, I didn't tell him anything.. but as he left he asked for a hug and I took a huge step back and he went to slap me on the bum but missed and hit me on the thigh. NEVER have I felt so violated before. Men can be such creeps sometimes. He left and then came back later looking for me, but no real harm was done. The rest of the day was filled with busy American Thanksgiving discount shoppers. The mall was packed! Glad I was going home before the mad mad rush.

My brother was in town. So he came to visit me. We went to Yorkdale Mall - which has the most AWESOME christmas light display. I took a video. Post it soon~ And, then we had dinner @ Ten Ren on HW7. It's the biggest in Toronto? All their food is made with tea, ex. tea drenched chicken. Food was pretty good. I really liked the soup. I'm starting to love soup - because my parents make soup all the time. I used to complain about drinking it... but now I know what's good has always been there.

Raptors Vs Hawks @ ACC

Today, I went to the Raptors vs. Atlanta basketball game @ the ACC (Air Canada Centre). My friend's friend won tickets for the executive suite box seats! Besides have a really good private view and private bathroom, the suite included: all you can eat catering, snacks, AND open bar. They EVEN had dragon fruit. They also had this menu with JUST ice cream (Hagen Daaz & Drumsticks). HEAVEN! Don't worry.. when I got home, I went to the gym for an hour. Though, that didn't help much because the HD ice cream cone was 340 calories. D:

Only 3 weekends left before my internship ends.

We finally got some snow in Toronto <3.

Next week, holiday hours start, so I'll be working at Club Monaco until 11:30 instead of 11pm. Zonk.

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  1. Atlanta Hawks!!! That's you who watched... You really are hilarious!!