Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 50: Where's Katie? Veranika? Bianca?

There's this new rule at Club where you have work two weeks in order to get your outfit. Every other employee I tell that I haven't gotten my outfit yet is surprised. Yah. I got screwed. And, I got screwed even more on Tuesday. Two weeks for me was on Monday, but I had to cover for someone the hour I was going to get the outfit. So, I up and went to the store on my lunch break. Not only did I have to accommodate my lunch hour for the manager coming in, but I didn't even end up getting my outfit. They gave me this piece of paper with 6 options for outfits. At Club, all the clothes are given people's names (i.e. Celine, Sarah..) as their style code, so employees can remember them and sell them better. This sheet had all these names on them, but I had NO clue what they looked like. I swear I looked for 40 minutes racing around the store (because 1. my lunch break was over, 2. I just wanted to get my outift..and finding the clothes was only half the battle). After finding the clothes, I'm supposed to try them all on to get a "fit and feel" and get someone's opinion on what looks best on me. THEN, I'm supposed to pick one and put everything back in it's place. All that in an hour? Well...supposedly it's possible, but NOT when the clothes aren't even there. Turns out.. half the clothes are for the December collection. I'm waiting until next Monday... and if it's not there.. well. Screw me.

Pseudo Family (missing 1) @ Sugar

So pseudo family member in the middle of the above photo is leaving us. He's broken our family apart and moving to Hong Kong... for a little while or forever. Isn't it funny? We're colour coordinated. Sigh.. he's the one who actually got my jokes. And, he's the one who told me I should gamble! Hhahaha. We talked at the dessert place about what he'd miss about Canada. Here's what he said: 1. clean air, 2. weed, 3. Ottawa Shawarma (specifically Shawarma King), 4. Pho, 5. clubbing in Ottawa, 6. and although he wouldn't truly admit it, pseudo family.

Nudely Basic

It's been more than halfway through the internship.

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