Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Than Half Way Mark

Publication for the winter issue has been long done. We pretty have been sitting and doing nothing for the past month. But, it's given me time to reflect and think about the future.

Should I:
  1. Go back to Ottawa (start my masters research)
  2. Apply to UBC for their Operations Research masters?
  3. Stay in Toronto - try to assist a stylist (no clue how to start there)
  4. New York? I saw some postings for finance jobs in clothing companies
  5. Try another internship? - probably not since I'd have no money left
  6. Find a job in Toronto (this man I met in a carpool said he'd try to help me find one)
I don't really know if I love fashion as much to make it a career. It's hard to say with the internship since the tasks we've been doing aren't really what I'd be doing for a career. I haven't decided if it's that I really just like buying clothes OR I really just love clothes? The events are glamorous no doubt. And what better things to get for free, but clothes, bags, and accessories? One thing I'm sure of: I'm glad I picked this internship. It hasn't been as much as I've expected, but I've taken it as something that's made me live my life a little bit more than I could have before. I'm still that naive Ottawa-ian but more stylish and confident in who I am.

So far, it's looks as if the end date will be Dec 23. Bummer.

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