Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Week's Busiest Week So Far Recap

On Sunday. I finally met up with my friend who really made me start this all - an opportunity in the fashion industry. We were coworkers back in Ottawa. One day, when the store was dead, he asked me: "Why aren't you in fashion? Every time I see you on the computer, you're looking at clothes." That's what kind of gave a nudge into the direction of where I am now. How crazy is that? That I was going to just randomly apply for the internship and actually get in. Weird how the world works. So yah, it was great to catch up with him and see where he was at in terms of his aspirations.

Day 45
. I couldn't remember much more than just keeping my eyes open as I folded clothes and cleaned at Club Monaco that night after my internship. But somehow I made it through. I usually can't sleep for another hour or so when I get home from outside... so it felt even longer. Thank goodness, the magazine let me come in at noon, since the week has been pretty dead in terms of things to do. The thing that sucked was because I left so late from work, the subway only ran northbound halfway to where I needed to be. The manager at Club said it should be still running, and if anything they would pay for a taxi ride home. Well no, it wasn't running all the way up... I ended up taking a shuttle bus half way, which took a long ass time. Not only that, there was a creepazoid man that just HAD to sit beside me out of all the empty seats. Bummer.

Day 46. I'm still pretty tired at this point, but I promised my niece (my cousin's daughter) to this self-defence class at night. They told some pretty empowering stories that I think will stick with me for the rest of my life. And, so womanly defence moves. (I tried this later on my brother... and it didn't work. -.-)

Day 47. Today at Club, the regional manager was coming. I was given warning during orientation that you need to look your best when they come, i.e. girls need to wear heels. So being a tiring week already, I was looking forward to standing in heels for 3 hours after 7 hours of work. Great. Turns out? I was assigned to back stock. Bahaha. It was fun. Met some new characters for sure.

Day 48. I left work early! My roommate's friend was in town and was leaving that day. Who wouldn't take an offer for a ride! We got home just in time for me to have dinner with the fam. And rejoice in my much missed room for some long awaited sleep.

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