Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Hoopla

DIY Tulle Skirt - Peacock

Friday Night @ Tila Tequila. Okay, so Toronto has influenced me a tad. All the clubbing parties are on Friday nights. Which means, I HAD to go Halloween clubbing Friday night - no doubt. Originally, I wanted to go to Mansion since my roommate told me they were having Halloween festivities all weekend long. But, my other friend said he was meeting up with new friends @ Tila. Did I really care where I clubbed? Not really...just wanted to make my trip back worth my while. So, the ladies and I got ready - we were together a peacock/fairy/cop. Didn't match, but whatevs. They looked smokin' hot anyways. There, we met some new faces and partied all night long. Shot after shot... I was still having fun. Yah, for sure.. I met some pretty dope (bahahah) peeps.

Some personal things happened this weekend (both good and bad), but that's something to share to my close ones in person. It was still hard to leave Ottawa. Everytime, I feel like I'm leaving so much behind. But, this time, the ride back.. I didn't feel this aching pain - I love distractions and this was the best kind.

PS. I took an Asian carpool - you know.. those one from CFC. Oh boy, was it the most asianest ride back. My feet were cramped, and there was old folk music playing. Oh, I love you so, Ipod!

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