Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 6: NY Tickets, Please

>>> CN Tower - Drive Home on Sunday Night <<<
This is one of the things I will always really enjoy -- the sparkling city night.

New York, New York. Wish I was going too. Today, it was my task to start requesting tickets for one of our editors to go to New York Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2011 Collections. A bazillion designers are showing, and she wants requests for designers that are scheduled for the same time showing. Would someone be able to keep track of all of that by themselves -- cough, cough *** intern can help? This Fashion Week is going to happen early/mid-September. There are all sorts of designers that are showing like: Erin Fetherston, Jeremy Laing, Carlos Miele, Halston,.. etc. I'm beginning to learn and see more and more brands than ever.

The new intern came in today. She picked up things well. I haven't gotten to know her was a pretty busy day. We all seem like a nice bunch, which is great.

- liv.

PS. Stay tuned for some upcoming events I shall be attending as a volunteer, and possibly working at certain fashion events. I should start a calendar application. Note to self.

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