Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 5: 1 week down, 15 more to go.

You'd think Friday would be a little more relaxing. But no, not in Toronto. Not at my internship. We scarfed down our lunches in a matter of minutes...and that was only after 2pm and simultaneously doing stuff on the computer. I guess that's how the industry is and how an internship in the industry is.

To Hermes: Taxi ride numero deux. This time I rode in a van. Hmm. it's funny to see people look into the taxi and see me with these two HUGE Hermes bags ... as if I bought all that. Besides, if I did.. I don't think i'd be in a Beck Taxi -- I'd be either in my own chauffeured limo or driving my own Ferrari. So for those of you who don't know, Bloor Street West has all the high end clothing stores. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Holt Renfrew, Pottery Barn, Mendocino, L'Occitane, Cole Haan...etc. If you're looking to break your bank account, you can literally do it in seconds over here.

The last part of the day, we both started working on getting credits for the items -- that is finding information about the products that were shot for the magazine pages (i.e. how much it costs, and where you can buy it). So, like always I end up with the most work. I ended up with the merchandise pages, which are the pages with just products on them, while the other intern just has to do the pages from the photoshoot. To compare, I have to find credits for like 100 items, where as she has to find credits for like 20. I can't wait for my turn at a photoshoot. Oh the glory.

So as I start to walk more and take more commutes around Toronto, I realize that everything is so spaced out. Where I'm living right now is near Pacific Mall. It's exactly one street over, but it takes like 10 minutes to walk to the next street. Crazy eh? Don't ever be fooled by a map. Everything is far! And, that taxi ride from work to Hermes and back took a good hour almost. The cost was $26. I could buy a really nice dinner with that money. Don't worry.. the company gives me taxi chits to get around.

As I took my chance to look around downtown from the taxi, I saw some neat condos that are getting built in the near future. For a friend, who is looking to move there next year, here are some places that may interest you:
> Chaz, on Charles Street near Yonge Street. It's being built for 2013 though. But the way the sales office looks, I'd title the style as hip/classy. Perfect for a young professional looking to work hard/play hard. And, these start at low $200,000. Isn't that strange? At least when I think of the minimum price tag of half a million from the last post I made about condos in downtown Toronto. Maybe it's a steal?
> U Condominiums, on St.Mary's Street and Bay Street. Construction starts in Fall 2010. Perfect to be ready for next September. You should DEFINITELY check out the suite virtual tour. You'll really get to understand the concepts of highly dense population. Tell me what you think. Do you think you could live in a place like that? It sort of reminds me of the Hong Kong 330sq ft. condo (click to watch Youtube video) <-- watch and be amazed! that can transform into 24 different rooms. Then you won't think the UCondo is as crazy. Warning: don't watch if you're claustrophobic.


PS. The new and final Fashion intern will be here on Monday. Finally get to go out for lunch. What to do for the weekend? Shall I just venture alone into world of Pacific Mall? Stay tuned. Well maybe not. It may be just a boring weekend at home.


  1. Don't start counting down already! The internship just started. lol

    And yay for second taxi scene come alive. ;p

    Well, I hope the other intern helped you out a bit if not then at least more work means you get more experience than her. So in the end it's all good.

    Why don't hang out with your new co-interns? And are they doing the internship looking to go into the Fashion industry or are they exploring different options like yourself?

  2. Himzi:
    > I miss home though. I miss you guys.
    > Yah. I like taking the taxi. Makes me not have to think where I'm going.
    > Yah, she did her thing and I did mine. I'll tell you more in person~
    > Mmm. I still don't know them that well. I'm looking forward to moving in with my roomies though. My co-intern and I are gonna be volunteering at some events later in september. I'll blog about that then. :)
    > She took a course in merchandising before for 2 years.. and is looking to probably work with a designer, but not sure for what.

    Thanks for commenting~