Monday, August 30, 2010

Harbourfront: Stinky Tofu

>>>Harbourfront / Taiwanese Sausages & Stinky Tofu / Wei's Taiwanese Restaurant Stand <<<

Taiwanese Festival. Took a bike ride with my two cousins from Chinatown to Harbourfront for Sunday afternoon. It was getting mighty hot that day, so it was good that most of our biking there was downhill. Apparently, there's always festivals and events going on at the Harbourfront.. like ALWAYS. Our taste palettes had a gander at what may smell pungent to some, but delicious to others. The thing is, if you stand and wait in line for stinky tofu, you can smell it a mile away. People describe the smell as dirty toilet. (don't start throwing up now.. ) But, when you actually go for the bite, the smell is barely there. Odd ain't it? Maybe it's cuz you're sensories from your olfactory get de-wired or something. Cannot interpret such a smell after a while. Haha. Harbourfront is a nice place to be on a Sunday afternoon -- perhaps with a scoop of ice cream? Sounds divine. You can get to Centre Island from there as well if you take the ferry.

Scotiabank BuskerFest. One of my cousins brought me after to the BuskerFest going on downtown as well. Apparently there's festivals EVERYWHERE. The only time in Ottawa I see a bunch of buskers is during Canada Day. These acts were pretty amazing.. and would have been even more amazing if the crowd wasn't filled with so many people and tall people for a matter of fact. It was too hot to stand around and pier over everyone else, so we just browsed by the crowds as we squirmed through the masses. It's not easy walking your bike around a bunch of people.

The Bike Ride. Toronto downtown is actually quite enjoyable to bike around. I guess with the high metro fees of $3 per ride and $121 for a monthly pass, people opt for biking instead. Guess that's a good thing, because the air is WAY TOO polluted these days. You can get a waft of stank sometimes randomly on your journey. There are some bike lanes on the roads, but if not my cousin just goes completely wild with breaking the laws for vehicles. They've told me that people riding bikes have actually been ticketed for running a stop sign -- wouldn't ever see that in Ottawa.

Random. On the bike ride back to my cousin's place. She stops and buys some organic vegetables from this man who has a makeshift table filled with produce on the lawn of a church. Completely random or what? People are making business anywhere here.

Super hot day for a bike ride. Went to my uncle's for dinner and played some MJ. (Mahjong for those amateur players). They play intense in Toronto.

- liv.

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