Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 7: Just Have to Ask

>>> A Gift from the Acting Chief Editor, thedesignercookie.com. <<<

A model/stylist. That's who the third intern is. She seems to already know quite a few people in the magazine and has many contacts in the fashion industry through her modeling jobs. It would be ideal to build contacts through work. But in my case, I just have to ask. Ask stores. Ask people. Ask companies --> To borrow pieces to style with (style my own friends) and build a portfolio and to see if they are interested in me helping them out. She said she would help me out with some contacts, which is great. And, I asked her to come shopping with me one day, so I can get the real hidden gems of Toronto clothing stores. Her style is amazing by the way. The thing I remember most during our conversation at lunch was: "I'm a clothing hoard; my room and a whole other room consist of my clothes." If that's not a friend I should make, I don't know who is! Haha. She's very impressive. Her description of clothing pieces is impeccable -- fabrics/shapes/designs explained all to the tee.

There's already a few PR agencies that have brands that I really like. I'm thinking of researching on them and seeing what sort of job/career opportunities they might have. One of the companies is called KCD. I guess it's so exclusive that you need a password to enter the website! Oh, come to think of it. I remember.. as I was emailing/calling people from New York to request fashion show tickets I DEFINITELY contacted someone from People's Revolution. Throwback to the Hills/The City & Whitney.

Upcoming events.
> Sept 11/8pm-midnight/Volunteering at a movie afterparty @ TIFF
> Sept 11/10-9pm/Wedding Bells' booth for National Bridal Show @ International Center - Missauga
> Sept 12/10-6pm/Wedding Bells' booth from National Bridal Show @ International Center - Missauga
> Sept 15/6-9pm/Volunteer at Men's FASHION Anniversary Launch Event @ Hugo Boss Store (Bloor St. W)*Confirmed
> Sept 23/6-9pm/Volunteer at Nine West Event (Bloor Street Store)*Confirmed
> Sept 25/10-9pm/Wedding Bells' booth for Canada's Bridal Show @ Metro Toronto Convention Center *Going to confirm (My new roomy is going to come with me to this one!)
> Sept 26/10-6pm/Wedding Bells' booth for Canada's Bridal Show @ Metro Toronto Convention Center *Going to confirm
> Oct 6/6-9pm/Volunteer at BCBG Event (Bloor Street Store)*confirmed
Got to figure out how to make a calendar on this thing!

I'm debating on going to the TIFF one. It'd be totally awesome...BUT my brother is coming down for a wedding that week and would possibly be able to drive me back home for the weekend. If so, should I go or do the TIFF thing? If he isn't able to drive me down, I think I might wait until the following week to visit home and sign up for TIFF. It's until midnight on Saturday. Toronto/midnight/TTC? Sound legit? I'll have to think about that.


PS. I'm moving into my condo tomorrow. No more taking the bus to get partially to work. But, time for cooking my own dinners. I'll keep you guys posted on that one. And, if I dare...I'll post pictures of my *cough masterpieces of divine dishes? HAhaha.


  1. No way you called Peoples Rev hahaha.. oh gosh lol.. fun stuff anyways.. :) so much lined up looks like you're settling in finally :)

  2. the blog looks great!
    best of luck with the move. i'm already bracing myself for pictures of mouth-watering dishes from chef viv :)

  3. u build those contacts! looks like the new intern is more along the same wave length as you :D