Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 2: George Antonopolous

The first stylist I have met - he's a free lancer with awesome taste. His pulls were amazing - I would describe it as extreme high-end fashion. Definitely a more demure/subtle look that he chose compared to the rugged style the material has portrayed itself to represent lately. He is an approachable person that actually took my opinions on accessories to heart - I felt special then and there. I made my own suggestions and pulled some hosiery for him too. Nothing like what all the TV shows play people from the fashion industry out as. ----- World: 1 point; Virtual reality: 0. The photoshoot is tomorrow. I'm really excited to see the end results in the magazine but won't be helping out for this one. The other intern was picked to go... (not to worry readers, we rotate turns for photoshoots). Hopefully the next one will be out of this ball park. Really wish I could go to all of them though. Think of it - hot models, hot clothes, cool studio/backdrop. What more could you ask for? Going to be all on my own for tomorrow in the office/large intern cubicle.

So maybe I'll have some time on the weekend to explain the whole story of how I got to this point. Guess y'all will have to wait...if anyone is waiting?


PS. I hope to get some photos going but not exactly sure about the confidentiality of the company -- so it may be just pictures outside of the company. What a shame though... the building is breathtaking (literally, because it feels so airy).

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  1. Already making suggestions eh? I think I would be intimidated to make suggestions to pros, but you're one confident girl and that's why got this internship right? lol

    Ya, hopefully you're allowed to take some photos.