Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 4: Small Perk for a Big Job

View from my cousin's finacee's balcony. A view of Toronto city nightlife. Downtown condos start at half a million dollars. Some condos even have rooftop restaurants.......

There were so many things going on today, I could barely keep up. Thankfully, there was the two of us working. We went to drop off some Louis Vuitton items to Jane&Gill Associates - PR Relations. I wonder what they do @ a PR Relations firm. Today, I learned a gigantically-normous amount of info on shipping/packaging items. I think I could be a courier on the side if I really wanted to.

Highlight of the day? Apparently, some beauty samples don't get used in production or are kept, so the Fashion section of the company gets first dibs on sample products, which are a fair size. Three things I took were:
1. Shu Uemara - INSTANT Glow Skin Perfection (Retail Value: $90)
2. Alyria - Reintol Night Complex Level 1 (Retail Value: $60) **Note, I took this for my Aunt. Since I'm staying over at their house for more than a week, I figured it'd be nice to give her something.
3. Marcelle - moisturizing cream (Retail Value: Unknown)


  1. They're already giving out items! hahah I knew they would, but I didn't think it'd be this fast. Now you definitely don't need to go shopping cuz you can just get free ones while interning. Glad you took advantage and u thought well about giving your aunt something since ure staying at their place. Take pictures of the items you get to keeps for us!

  2. Himzi:
    > Lol. Well it's just makeup items. Wish they were clothes instead. Or possibly.. a stable wage? Haha. Sure. I'll take a picture of the two items I got a bit later. Gave the other one out to my aunt already. Though she doesn't have wrinkles much yet... I just to use it as a preventative formula.
    Oh yah, so when are you guys coming down?!?! Soon I hope!!