Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 35: Home Sweet Home

Hello Ottawa! Thanksgiving weekend = I get off work at 1pm. Originally, I wanted to come back to Ottawa on Thursday night, but they couldn't let me take Friday off since the other intern is still in Spain (by the way, I got a postcard from her! Espana~ Wish I was there, too). I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and of course, TURKEY DINNER!

I took a carpool back to Ottawa. But, this carpool was pretty legit since it was my dad's friend who organizes it with some other people who have family back in Ottawa that visit them every weekend or so. So remember when Nortel was super big in Ottawa, but then it's stocks turned to pennies and a bunch of people got laid-off? Have you ever wondered what happened to all these engineers? --- They all went to AMD in Toronto. That's where my dad's friend went along with a hundred and some other Ottawian Nortel workers. So there seems to be a lot of AMD people who commute back and forth from Ottawa. Good for me. The ride was LONG though. They wanted to take the shortest distance, HWY 7, but it took longer because the speed limit is lower. How long did it take? 5 FREAKING hours... and a bit. I told them I could drive back to Toronto on Monday if they wanted... and told them it takes me 3.5 hours to get to downtown Toronto. Haha.

Look for updates for my adventures back home! And those of you reading this now and want to hang out with me/see me, please call me! You know my number ;).

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