Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 33: Clubbing In & Out

So we're down to two women on this fashion internSHIP. Hoohaa.. what a horrible pun. But anyways, this week, our editor, whom we get instructed from took the week off and the other intern is still in Spain. Not to worry though, we're getting our stuff done like speedy little beavers.

Besides work, I've become a stylist... for Club Monaco! Yesterday we had our "on-boarding", which is basically orientation. I've never had to fill out so many papers for a job.. I think there were 30! After filling the papers, we watched a 30 minute (but felt like 1 hour) long video about AP (Asset Protection) and prevention. By then, it was 9:00PM. (And remember.. I'm in for work at 9AM). After that, we had to help out for the FLIP, which is when the store changes their layout for new merchandise. The new staff all went to help re-organize the sale section - what a nightmare! It looked just like our 3 merchandise closets in the magazine when all sample requests have arrived. I met a few rad people there. There was also this other guy that was in my group interview that made it - not the really cool stylish Asian guy - this British hair stylist.

Some things I found out about CM:
  1. Ralph Lauren tookover in 1999
  2. There's things called Chat-ins where you are tested at the start of each shift your knowledge of promotions/sales/new info
  3. Appearance is really strict. (neutral nail polish for girls, must be approved for wearing things that aren't CM, only allowed riding boots that are all black if you choose to wear boots... etc.)
  4. Toronto CM has 3rd items - like Ray Bans, Belle Sigerson flats... and more to come.
  5. Some great perks for employee discount/benefits.

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  1. congrats kristy!!!!!!!!!
    CM gives u benefits??nice!

    enjoy ur job!! seee u soon.