Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 42: The House of Groves

It was one of the editor's birthday today. I went an another errand adventure and bought her a birthday card + present. The other editor gave me some money and off I went. She told me to buy a card and cookies from Mrs. Fields. Buying a card for someone I don't really know - not as hard as I thought. Since we are in a fashion magazine, I just found a card that had a jacket on it with a price tag that said $Yikes. When you open it, it says "Not a day to be practical. Happy birthday." I totally agree...haha. As for the cookies, turns out Mrs. Fields sells cookie cakes. These large cookies that can be personalized. I got a cookie card for her and a few cookies. No clue what kind of cookie she likes, so hopefully she's not picky. Oh, and since the spelling of her name isn't the usual way, I called our reception to double-check. Wouldn't that be horrible as an intern to mispell the editor's name? What a nightmare that would be...


Our days this past week have slowed down for sure. We've finished most of our tasks for the Winter issue, so all that is left is some maintenance work, i.e. cleaning the closet and filing lookbooks. Lucky enough, Toronto LG Fashion Week is this week for Spring 2011 collections. I wanted to volunteer for the event, but by the time I thought of it, it was too late to register. The two editors we work under though, gave us their media passes to go see a show and take notes. We took a taxi to the Heritage Court at the Exhibition Place (where the CNE is held and other entertainment venues year-round) and saw The House of Groves by Jennifer Waters. It was a presentation, but great nonetheless. The clothes were neutral tones and seer-sucker with splashes of coral for daywear and black intricate designs of classics for evening. All hair was done so it looked naturally windblown with moderate volume. Natural makeup. A well, put-together show for an LG Fashion first-timer.

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