Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 43: We Don't Belong In Here...

LG Fashion Week

So yesterday, when we (the fashion interns) were leaving the LG Fashion Week venue, the photography intern just happened to be outside. He took our photo (how nice). Unexpectedly, this morning, we receive and email from him with the photo attached AND notifying us that it's also on a blog in Holland called Team Peter Stigter. We appear in both the main revolving photo screen on the homepage and also in the Toronto Streetwear Day 3 category. (Try and find us!) I couldn't have worn the plainest thing that day... and we seriously don't belong in either of the sections (just look at the previous photo and photo after ours... it becomes really evident). We had a good laugh about it.

At night, my older cousin invited me over to her place for dinner. She's super vegan and has a holistic lifestyle. I prepared myself with the lack of meat by eating leftover Bulgogi from yesterday's Korean dinner I had with my other cousin. Meal was delicious and not quite as extreme as I had envisioned. My older cousin then took me to a meditation talk. It was in a little store that sold things for spirtuality, like books, cd's, scents... The talk was about different types of meditation and how it can better yourself in becoming more you. A little strange to say/think about, but it made sense. The speaker talked about how we get so caught up with the hustle & bustle of life that we become distant with our conscious selves. We did a little group mini meditation in our circle. It was interesting to learn about but there was so much to absorb that I got lost near the end. My cousin plans to do a meditation excursion for 10 days, where you eat vegan and meditate for 10-days straight. You can't move either... only during breaks and for eating your 2 meals a day. That means... no washroom .. only during breaks!

After that, we got a message from my younger cousin that her fiancee got a free night at the Hyatt on King Street West. So, my older cousin, her family, and I went to go snoop this place out. It was SO modern/classy. And, the view was spectacular. My cousin had some troubles adding her name to the guest reservation because it was under financee's. He told them about their difficulties and upgraded them to the DIRECTOR Suite on the highest floor - 20th!! So how much would you say a director suite in downtown core of Toronto could go for? $1200 smackeroos. The showers even have power jets from the sides. I think I'd take a chair and just sit in there for a few hours.

From Left to Right: view / cool floating couch / the suite / the lobby or lounge area

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  1. I found you on the Team Peter Stigter website! Love the photo, and I'm jealous that you got to explore the Hyatt Director Suite, looks amazing in there! :)