Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 40: First Day at Club Monaco

What a long day that was. I had 13-hour workday. 10-5 fashion internship, and then 6-11pm Club Monaco.

What I wore:
- Julie grey turtleneck
- CM gold ring
- Bianca black/white checkered skirt
- thigh high black socks
- black flats
(I wasn't sure if I could wear the skirt, since it was last winter Club Monaco, but they seemed fine with it)

I was a bit worried with what I wore. They're strict on things like, you have to wear flats that are plain, i.e. no bows, no sequins, no studs. The visual manager even said I can't wear patent, which is a shiny black.

Men's Back. I spent a good portion of my shift there - folding clothes and helping customers, per usual in a retail setting. There database system for looking up clothing stock in other stores is pretty neat too. I spent my 15 min break eating what I had brought as my dinner. This was probably 7 hours after my last meal.

Engaging. This is what they call the greeter. You stand at the front of the store, and make conversation/greet entering customers. I liked looking across the hall into other stores and seeing passer-byers. I had a big smile, so most people smiled back. I got a few hi's even though they weren't going in. But then!!!.... from a distance, I saw a familiar face. Could it be? But, an Ottawian. Yes! I was kind of having a stressful first day.. trying to learn the ropes, so it was definitely nice to see that surprise. Turns out he is here for the week for some consulting @ Deloitte. The company flew him over and he's staying @ the Mariott downtown. How lucky is he? I want to be able to fly around the world on business trips too. Too bad though, thought I'd have some more friends in Toronto to hang out with. I really wish I could just move all of Ottawa into Toronto for 4 months. I'd be good after that.

Closing. My shift ended at 11pm, but Eaton Center closes at 9pm, which means we closed for 2 hours. We tried to refold everything and sized (put piles of clothes from XS in order to XL), and spaced (moved the hangers on the rack so they were evenly spaced). As if, a store needs to be that perfect. But anywho, I was pretty beat after that. One of the other employees ended up taking the same subway back towards north, and he chatted with me telling me a few things to watch out for. The employees are all really nice... managers on the other hand.. a few to watch out for.

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  1. 13 hr work-days!! i had enuf of those after one summer of pulling those.. at least it'll be only temporary 4 u :) btw, that is nutzo that they size AND space for 2hrs... that is when you kno you were in top of the line retail lol. which business ottawian did u see? always nice surprise esp. in the big city!