Sunday, October 24, 2010

Level 3 Spookifier

Halloween Haunt @ Wonderland

Halloween Haunt @ Wonderland. I've never gone to the haunt at Wonderland - I had to...even in the pouring rain. Luckily, the fog from the park protected us from the rain? because it subsided by the time we got in the park. The closest thing to a haunt I've been on is the CHILLS for CHEO, where a CHEO dream home is decorated to spook and scare. I was pretty hyped up for the event and ready to hear my heart pump faster. Wonderland is changed into a ghoulish atmosphere by changing their water fountains into eerie red liquid (via cool lighting) and is decorated with webs, cemeteries, and spooky monsters lurking all over. *Yawn* My rating for the scare factor was a 3 out of 10. There were so many people lined up that sometimes you would know what to expect from the people screaming in front of you... but I tried to leave a longer gap between the people in front and I. No matter, it wasn't scary. Weird thing was each maze we went into a monster would always try to follow me at some point. Guess I know the kind of people I attract...

Beyond the haunted mazes, we couldn't pass up going on the infamous Wonderland rides. If it wasn't spooky fright, then why not try some "heighted-fear." Behemoth - the largest and tallest ride in Canada. We had to crack this whip first. It was definitely the best fun and fear of the night. Even though it says it closes at midnight, we didn't leave until 12:30 - 1am. Guess the park knew that everyone was delayed because of the rain. We drove to MacDonald's because we were oh so hungry... and ended up waiting in line there LONGER than any of the rides/mazes. Ironic.

Upcoming next week...
Monday - having a 15-hour work day. 10-5 internship; 5-1am Club Monaco. (can you believe it? ... it's called a "power close".)
Tuesday - I registered for Wendo: a self-defence workshop for women my cousin referred me to
Wednesday - 13-hour work day. 10-5 internship; 6-11pm Club Monaco
Thursday - heading home at night; got Friday off.
Friday - partying in big O!
**P.S. those partying in da club... try to find me! bet you can't ;) I'm not giving any clues on my costume.

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  1. WHAT?! you're coming home THIS weekend?! MUST SEE YOU!