Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 12: Subway Delay

>>>The other interns thought I wasn't wearing anything underneath this lace top. <<<

It takes me half an hour to get to work everyday since I'm now living right above the subway. But, today... I was late for work for 45 minutes because the subway kept having delays between the Yonge line, which I need to take all the way from uptown to downtown. Since I don't know how to take the bus to downtown (which would have taken 2 hrs to get there anyways) and didn't want to pay for a taxi to take me somewhere where I wasn't getting paid, I just waited it out. The other interns understood, so s'all good in da hood.

Another freak out: apparently a contributing stylist at our magazine called and said that I was supposed to be RSVPing tickets for him as well for the NY Fashion Week shows. But, all I was told to RSVP for our editor. It ended up being miscommunication, and none of my fault - what a relief. I've been working on these NY Ticket requests for a good week and a half. There's over 100 shows that have been confirmed/emailed for just this one editor. I have no clue how she will do it in NY, btu the tickets will be all ready hopefully. I over heard her saying how hard it is to do these Fashion shows, and that she really would have wanted a 20-something year old to do it for her.. hello!!! I'm right here... pick me, pick me! Haha..So I got her these schedules printed out and taped onto envelopes that correspond to each day's events. She was super happy with my work.

Since I forgot to take a picture of our first home cooked meal together as roomies, here's our 2nd home-cooked meal. Hope you guys enjoy!

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