Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 13: Ugly Monsters and Loved Ones Dying?

>>> Tour of where I live <<<

Woke up from a nightmare. This is what happened: I dreamt that my brother and this other boy were going to die soon - like in a few days. My brother apparently was going to die because his liver was going to fail due to excessive alcohol and partying. (I'm a mother already). I can't take the fact that my brother is going to die, so I go to my friend's family's place and stay there for the rest of the days, so I don't have to see my brother in agony. Then, the setting changes and I'm in 3rd person watching this man enter a gymnasium/playground, where this HUMUNGOUS blobby monster comes and tries to eat everyone. At first, the monster goes after all the big people i.e. adults (because it's super hungry). The man is being chased by the big monster and runs past these narrow corridors and ends up in the children's section of the gym. He takes notice that the monster is going after his daughter. So, somehow??.. he speaks to the monster (without the monster eating him) and tells him if he should eat a child, he should eat that boy (he points at the boy that I dreamt earlier was going to die in a couple of days). Would you do that to save your child? Anyways... all the kids run out into the parking lot (by that time it's dark). THEN!!!.. some other monsters this time.. with veils and faces that are orangy/yellow that have goopy skin (like when the wax of a candle solidifies when it's in mid-drop) come out hiding underneath these big styrofoam boxes (the kind you keep seafood in). They start spitting out stuff at the children and get the daughter. THEN... there's a change of setting and they're in a water world. The daughter and father look at each other in amazement because one of them never could swim before (I can't remember who). Then.. I woke up. THe windows are really big in my room, so I woke up to the sky - but it was all gloomy and grey. What a start to the day...

On a reality note, today one of the interns was on Jewish holiday. We did lots of shipping back to companies of really nice watches/jewelery. Days are starting to blur as to what I do. NY was bringing some vibes to Toronto. The editor, who I've been booking NY Fashion Week tickets to just landed there this afternoon. Freak out - some of the tickets hadn't arrived at her hotel yet, so I frantically had to call all the PR companies to re-confirm her tickets/invitation. But, as NY PR people are... they're last-minute and don't give you answers directly. GREAT. So hopefully.. things will pan out later.

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  1. Hey Kristy! I just say your message. I was really busy all day and cleaning the apartment. I can come by sometime this week maybe? Nice tour of the condo. You have great photography skills..but your video tour kinda made me dizzy at some points! LOL