Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 24: Work to Play

>>> Hot Day, Hotter Night <<<

Another long day work super tired. Even worse, one of the interns got sick, so we were down one woman. Not to worry, everything still got done nonetheless. Friday was supa hot! My one last chance to wear sandals out! Paris PR's are liars! They told me seat confirmations would be ready for Friday, but now they're pushing it back once again till Monday. I gotta go in early on Monday again... darn that time difference. On my break, I called Club Monaco. I've got a second interview Tuesday @ noon. Meanwhile, I tried to look for a top for clubbing since I have no clubbing clothes. I didn't end up getting any clubbing tops, but I did find a nice floral jacket. I was tempted to buy a black lace skirt with nude undertone - I have this lace and nude phase craze.

Purchase List
Forever21 - floral 3/4 length jacket with rusted gold sequins $35.90

HOOKMEUP.TO presents: College/University Party @ XS Shock Fridays. My first clubbing experience in Toronto. I went with my friend and friends of a friend. I don't know... it's not really what it's hyped up to be. The most amazing clubs/house mix I've seen/heard was in Vegas. Hard to top that, eh? Well still...XS had two large lines, one for bottle service and one for not. Luckily my friend new someone there and we got free VIP bracelets to this upstairs room. (Even so, the upstairs room was full of leather coaches, but the floors looked SO dirty and I'm pretty sure someone puked on the ground). of the washrooms was a sight for sore eyes! The door swung open and brace yourselves ... I saw like red/orange stuff splattered all over the toilet bowl. I'm surprised that didn't make me vomit then and there. I saw this really hot girl in a high school costume (one of the paid dancers). I saw a lot of Asian guys but not many girls... weird. I met up with the promoter I met in Ottawa, too. He said, "You're too cute to have a boyfriend." What's that supposed to mean? Anyways, best part of the night? I'd say my skirt. I just got it in the mail. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I think I'll wear it to the interview. Were you guys expecting any other answer?...this is a fashion blog don't forget! I didn't get home until around 3:30AM and woke up at 7:30AM. Weird. My body is playin' with me.

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  1. when he says "yr too cute to have a boyfriend "he probably means that u only deserve the best :P :)