Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 18: Looking Up at the Rain

Body aches, blisters on my feet - long night before. Umbrella in hand, I slish slosh in the puddles to work. At work, our "intern" cubicle has a skylight right above us. The great thing? You're always aware of the weather - both sun and rain. Bad thing? You're mood sort of follows the weather.

In a drabby mood, but the thing to keep the day upbeat --> a SAMPLE SALE (click on the link for more details - only from Sept 16 - 18 @ the Sheraton Hotel near the Eaton Center) Close enough to work, that I could go on my break. My first sample sale in Toronto! I perused the sales in a brisk-walk-pace as I only had a few more minutes till my break ended. Tables and mounds of clothes and designer bags were there. My opinion of the sale? Meh. Prices for designer jeans were still $200 and most of the quick glanced bags weren't eye-catching at all. But, maybe I'll have some more time tomorrow to dig and find some treasures.

Besides going to the sample sale today, I went to apply for a few more jobs at the Eaton Center. So far, I've applied to: Zara, Mendocino, Club Monaco, and now.. Aritzia. Today is when I applied to Aritzia. And I did notice that most of the employees were Asian.. and so I asked this Asian girl to speak to her store manager, and she calls over this Asian guy. Can you guys think of any reasons for this pattern? Why do Asian people like Aritzia? And, I going to apply for H&M. There's a City Career Expo my friend told me about that I'm also going to on Saturday. Which reminds me, have to go get more resumes printed! I'll keep you guys posted if I hear anything back.

At work: I've been doing more ticket requests...this time for PARIS! and for the Editor-in-Chief (the big kahuna). Since I've got a second shot at this, I'm hoping everything will work out a lot better... though the second half of New York ticket requests turned out successful after much distraught. We're also working on merchandise requests for the next issue (we're currently working on the November issue). I can't wait for it to come out!

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