Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Photography

>>> Photography Attire <<<

Sweet Sunday. The weather was good, and the clouds were extra kind and puffy. A chance for photography. This was the day I took some "engagement" photos for my cousin. Her and her fiancee took me to their park where he proposed to her. It's called Ireland Park. The park was made as a memorial to the Irish Potato Famine, so there's a few statues of starving people. It's a bit spooky, but there's some cool structural rocks and a nice view of the CN Tower. **(hey cuz, were you expecting me to put a possible photo of you guys on my blog??.. fat chance.. you'll just have to wait if you're reading this.. haha).

So after the photoshoot, I thought it'd be nice to walk down Queen Street and finally capture some of these awesome graffiti art. They're actually all over the alleyways behind Queen Street - like a little village of graffiti houses. It's amazing.. like it's own museum. I told myself that I'd make a photobook of just graffiti art from Toronto. Here's my favourite picture of the bunch:

Hopefully, I'll get to explore more of Toronto and it's street art while I'm here. There's always something artsy fartsy going in da city!

My cousin took me to a Pho place in Chinatown called Xe Lua (aka the Pho Train). A lot of people say that pho and shawarma are best in Ottawa. So, instead of venturing to try Toronto pho, I just stuck with the vermicelli. Mine was particularly good with the sugar cane wrapped in shrimp meat! MmmMmM! And, the prices were amazing - for the two of us (1x small pho, 1xcombo bun, 1xspring roll appetizer) it came to under $20! Chinatown's definitely the place to eat on a budget.

Oh yah! And since I had to meet my cousin downtown, it was my first time taking a streetcar! Pretty cool experience. And, I definitely love how the TTC has stops announced via automated message + an electric sign. There's no way you could miss your stop/get lost.

On the way home, the subway took a while, so it gave me a chance to look through some of the engagement photos. All I have to say is, they made me tres jealous and happy for my cousin and her fiancee. What an end to the weekend.

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