Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Soup

>>> My H&M Scarf <<<

Met up with my cousin to look for some comfortable flats for her at the Eaton Center. She got her bike stolen in downtown Toronto, which she uses to go like EVERYWHERE... so now she needs some nice flats to get around town by foot. I've never thought about it, but there are very few comfortable yet stylish flats out there. Please comment if you've found a pair. She was looking at a pair @ Feet First from the Me Too brand. They look uber comfortable with extra cushioning at the heel - I think this is the closest you'll get to having a balance between style and comfort. After, I went to go apply for a job at Urban Outfitters - got an interview for the next day in the afternoon. At night, I met up with some friends and made some viet wraps. The most delicious and filling things ever but super easy to make (to my disbelief). Peanut sauce, YUM!

I did a group interview at Urban Outfitters with the Managers of the Ottawa location that is opening up. And, the first person I met who was in my group interview was originally from Ottawa. Ottawa isn't such a small place after all. Then, I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory @ The Esplanade with a friend of a friend. Haha. well, now he's my friend too. Ah.. it was nice to sit in a car again. I was almost tempted to ask him if I could drive.. but it was a stick. And, I really don't remember how to drive stick... not something I'd want to test while in Toronto. At night, my roommate and friend came over and we played Big 2 until the wee hours of the night. It's funny because he actually could witness the communications I have with my roommate because of the language barrier (him fluent in Cantonese, me fluent in English). Our conversations last literally less than a minute and then we get fed up. My roommie and I made Chinese soup for the first time. My other roommate went home to Ottawa for Moon Cake Festival. I miss home.

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