Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 22: Applied Position - Stylist

>>> Monday (white pants) / Tuesday (comfy casual)/ Wednesday (interview outfit) <<<

Work is coming together. I got a few confirmations today for seats @ the Paris FW. It's creeping up slowly... I hope I get a hold of things before everyone starts freaking out. We got a crap load of sample requests in today. Even a really cool toy for the holiday gift guide for this issue.

Interview at Club Monaco.
Every single clothing interview I go to, everyone is tres stylish. Today, I met this Asian guy who had the most awesome wave/flipped/curled bang hair - something from the 60s I'd say. The kind of hair they have in Grease lightning sort of but more modern. And, he had the SMOOTHEST facial skin with not one pimple/blemish or bad pore anywhere! AND, his name was Irwin. You can find any character in Toronto.
[Questions asked]
1. Who do you think is our competitors?
2. Where have you experienced great customer service?
3. (A trick question) - What size do you think I am - both top and bottom? *male store manager
In 5 minutes, pull an outfit for a graphic designer that likes a lot of patterns, who just graduated and wants to make a good impression at their newly hired position. They are also going out at night with friends. You can either make it a versatile outfit or added pieces to change it from a day to evening look. - I got a male pull, while some others got a female pull. What I did and how I explained it:
  • nautical inspired navy blazer with gold buttons -> gives a sharp/professional look to anything
  • white/black striped shirt (slightly faded colour) -> the casual inside makes it more comfortable
  • black/white polka dot handkerchief -> placed it in the breast pocket for interesting clash pattern
  • dark rinse button-fly jeans -> all graphic designers wear jeans. dark denim again gives it an easy work to evening feel
  • grey knitted belt -> I wanted a brown leather one, but this was the only belt I could find.
That was the most intense 5 minutes because I wasn't timing it. But, I was the first one to pull their look together. And, I started imagining while he was describing the client/customer. I was stressed though because I didn't know the store very well compared to any store in Ottawa. First time chance as a stylist.
*Note: Club Monaco has 2 hour closes to size everything (i.e. put everything in terms of size - from small to large - reorganized every night!) Oh yah, and the Eaton Center location is the largest volume/square-foot location in Canada! That definitely helps.

On the way back to the office, some old dudes were playing bango outside of the Eaton Center.

Coming up next: phone interview for H&M and Nine West event.

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