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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 28: Food and Shopping Day

>>> Lunch @ Six Steps <<<

Yesterday, I went into work and broke my fever there. I also cut my finger on a shard of glass that came from my roommate's plate that I dropped by accident and tried to pick up since we have no broom...but a Swiffer. Today, I'm feeling a bit better... but the pseudo hacking cough is starting. The day was CRAZY filled and busy. The sales intern, whom I met at the Nine West event, helped me come up for air by bringing me to Six Steps Restaurant at Church & Colbourne. It was a tres fancy place for us youngins, but we had this gift card for the place..s'all good. We didn't know how much it was, but we bought enough for lunch. I had sweet peppers & sausage on flatbread, and she had a pita. Oh yah, and my dish came with fries, and they had the MOST AWESOME fries.. they were extra crispy.. and somehow the oil tasted real good. We didn't end up finishing it all, so we got these dainty Chinese take-out boxes! But, since we didnt' know how much was on the gift card, they said they couldn't give us back the money OR give us another gift card..???... so we ended up tipping them like a good $16 for a $35 meal. Wish I was the server getting that tip!

So, the second half of the day, I FINALLY got to go for a pull. One of the editors needed some pieces for a web shoot tomorrow. There was no time to go to the regular stores on Bloor, so she asked one of us interns to go get some items she described on a list at the Eaton Center (it's like a 5-6 min walk from our building). She wanted to do some pulls from BCBG & Townshoes. Well, with BCBG, they required a credit card to put the items on loan on... but I went wild! I found 7 hot dresses... that I hope she'll pick a few from. As for Townshoes, it was easy enough to get everything... I especially like the navy ankle boots I got. Oh MAN, if that was only my purchases. The dresses had to be in a size 2... that's TOTALLY my size..! haha. Well.. one of these days when I hit it big, maybe? Some people were staring at the amount of shopping bags I was carrying, as if I was some loaded shopaholic, but no... just an intern. Hehe.

>>> Salade a la Kristy <<<
My gourmet salad for dinner!

PS. My two supervisors left a bag of goodies for the other intern and I for all the hard work we've done. I've yet to check it out, as the day was too busy! Keep you guys updated tomorrow, as to what may lie inside! Stay tuned...

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