Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 23: Feels Like I Belong

>>> Nine West Swag Bag <<<

From left to right:
- Biore microderm exfoliator
- Wrigley's REACT 5 gum
- L'Oreal Paris magic perfecting base
- Clinique high lengths mascara
- Jergens extra dry skin moisturizer
- John Frieda weather proofing shampoo & conditioner

There's still a bunch of samples we're receiving for the winter issue. The cool thing is that this issue there's a holiday gift guide, so there's a few things we get to see besides clothes. I'm almost ashamed to say it.. but it almost as if .. emphasis on ALMOST... sick of clothes? No. no no. I take that back. I shouldn't ever think that way. Anyways, so with all these samples coming in we're getting buried..LITERALLY buried in boxes, as we need to use them to send back the items. This is what it was like at the beginning of the internship, too. Can't wait for the Paris week and the all the sample shoots to be over again. What will be the next massive task?

Besides work, some updates on interviews:
H&M - called them, but they're looking only for day availability all across Toronto.
Club Monaco - they left me a voicemail asking for a second interview on Monday. (Yay!)

Nine West Event Soles4Souls. Tonight after work, I volunteered at this collaborative event between Nine West and our magazine. I met the owner of the Nine West on Bloor Street. This time, the event was open to the public. 400 people RSVP'd to the event, but I think only half showed up. Nonetheless, there were tons of women donating gently used shoes and buying new ones galore! They were having 15% off everything one night only and giving out coupons for $20 a purchase over $100 to those who donated shoes. Everyone also got swag bags like above, but also included a magazine. Also, the first 50 people who donated shoes got a gift certificate. The event started at 6pm, but women were lined up already at 5pm. The line went around the was even raining a litte and they were all still there. For tonight's event, I did mainly the task of checking the guestlist for people to enter. It was fun; I felt important holding a clipboard. Again, our attire was black chic. I'm running out of black outfits to wear! Gotta go home and bring more black heels. Yes, another night of 4 hour standing in heels. The orderves were fab though - some incl: tuna tar tar scooped in a cucumber cup; chicken mango pastry cups; slabs of steak?/roast beef? mini pitas with meat and oninions ... and of course wine, champagne, and girly cocktails.

At the end of the night, when I left to walk to the subway on my own, I felt somehow this overwhelming came about like I finally belong here, in Toronto. Though I was walking on my own, it felt like I'm in the right place.

Weekend's coming up :).



  1. Don't get too comfortable there lol... when yr going to come back you'll be sad... but doesn't mean u can't enjoy and have good memories lol

  2. @anonymous - leave your name! you'd have to be my friend if you read this blog... courtesy! haha.. and Ottawa will always be my home. i just feel like i can enjoy Toronto more now that I know i'll be living here for a while.

    @crys - i know i know... it was only a matter of time right? - there's still something missing though.

  3. I'm so glad everything's coming together missy! you look uber hot/chic in clubbing wear!