Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 17: Men's Launch @ Hugo Boss

>>> interns by day...women in black by night <<<

Long day. Had to go in early for work again, but this time she let us off an hour early. Only thing? We had to stay downtown to volunteer for the Men's magazine Launch @ the Hugo Boss flagship store on Bloor St. W.

Beginning of the night:
Whether they were employees of Hugo Boss or guests of the event, everyone was dressed very dapper. There was this one guy, friends of the employees, who had this killer glare. I was assigned as "flow/direction assistant" as I will title myself. I was on the second floor of the store (which by the way is impeccably done... like steps out of NY or Milan - apparently it just opened last December too). My job was to tell people where the washroom was and that the fashion show was upstairs. I thought to myself.. man is this ever going to be boring - the other intern got to stay with the others downstairs doing guest check-in. But it ended up being alright. I mingled with the store manager and another sales associate (both very nice and approachable men well-dressed men). Actually all the men there could of been taken from magazines... the most pristine in look and style. Everywhere I turned looked like a beautiful snapshot.

Fashion show began at 7:30pm. Before that though... I finally got some change of scenery. Peter Papapetrou was the stylist of tonight's Hugo Boss fashion show. Luckily, I was at the right spot and got to help him dress models backstage. There were only two female models and the rest were male. My model's name was Daryll - he was kind of short (almost same height as me if I wear heels.. which I had to wear ALL night). He made small talk with me as I dressed/undressed him to change looks --- awkward!. well..maybe not so much for them. They're probably used to it. But, he definitely sweat bullets... he dress shirt was drenched only after 30 seconds of walking the runway. Watching Peter style them and doing final touch ups was cool to watch. He has everything down to the smallest detail like fluffing the suede of super thigh high boots the female models were the suede would all flow one way (changes the shade of the leather). And, he even used a bracelet one of the Hugh Boss workers from Head Office was wearing to style the model!! Wish he picked something from me.. but then again I don't wear much jewelry -- gonna try and find his contact.

End of Night:
After the fashion show, I went to help hand out swag bags to the guests leaving. At this Hugo Boss event, male guests received:
- 1 x pair of Calvin Klein microfiber boxer/briefs - super soft
- 1 x bottle of 100mL Hugo Boss cologne
- 4 x tiny samples of Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein cologne
- 1 x Perlane pen
- 1 x Men's mag
As some people were leaving, I saw Blake McGrath with his crew and Glen Baxter from Fashion Television! End of the night? My feet kill, but it was worth it.

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