Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 14: Work Is Never Over

So... this morning I woke up to a beautiful, sunshine-y day - thinking: " Yes. It's time for the weekend." Little did I know, after accepting the task of requesting NY tickets for the Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week, what I was really getting myself into. It seems like every day since this task started I've been asking people over and over if they've received my RSVP and if the editor has been confirmed for the show for hours during the day. Now that she's there, some tickets are missing, and people don't respond back. Some haven't responded back and she has received tickets, but some haven't responded back and so she HASN'T received tickets, which is the worse of the two. NY PR groups.. some can be nice, some are just filled with attitude. order to get stuff done's always best to contact them directly. I've tried so many sources for contacts and I find the best way is to contact them through their information listed on their sites -- screw the show directory. It's not even up-to-date or correct sometimes. Anyways, enough of my rant. So.. bottom line? I might have to pop into work during the weekend to check up on emails that the PR firms may have emailed me regarding the rest of the Fashion Week shows, especially the ones going on this weekend. Bummer. I hope I don't! And what's with shows not getting back to me if they don't have any seating. Just tell me the truth! TGIF??... I'm not so sure.

Purchase List from Yesterday's Lunch Break
HUE No band knee hi's: Cobblestone - The Bay $4.49
HUE Spare ribs control top tights: black - The Bay 2 for $20
HUE Herringbone knee hi's: navy - The Bay $12 (BOGO 50%)
HUE Opaque tights: black - The Bay 2 for $20
HUE So Silky sheer control top reinforced toe: black - The Bay $12 (BOGO 50%)

... I made a hole in my previous tights..thought it'd be a good time to stock up and use all those HBC points I've accumulated. I got a $70 gift card from all my points! (FYI: I used to work @ HBC - got 20,000 points for every HBC credit card I signed customers up with...I never bought enough HBC stuff to make that many points on my own.)

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  1. The Wonder Girls were at the Benz Fashion Show!