Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 20: Crammed Subway

>>> My first package <<<

I'm sitting in a 168 Bubble Tea Shop using their Wifi because our condo is in its switchover period (owner's internet contract ended and we're waiting to install our internet). It's already 11:30 and I can stay here until 2AM if I really wanted. Good thing this place is right close to the metro station.

I'm going in for an interview for Club Monaco on Wednesday. Should I really work part-time during my internship?

More Paris FW requests, and merch request for the Winter Issue. Paris people are not being cooperative today. This lady spoke to me and said that she was "too tired to talk." As if. LOL. I'm going to call that PR office again tomorrow and hopefully I'll get someone who's a little more perky. Or, I'll just get to piss her off a little bit more. Nothing really new today. But, I feel like I'm getting closer with the other interns. I had to deliver $21,000 worth of watches to Birks & Mayors Inc. on Bloor. Like I said, Bloor is the baller street. So yah, I had to deliver these watches and so I left work early. But how long did it take me to get home?.. a good 2 hours. The train was delayed due to a fire/electrical problem at a station up ahead. So, I got off and walked to the station I was supposed to get to, to deliver the watch, and then had to fight the crowd to get onto another train.

People were so crammed and close to me, that at one point this girl was talking to someone and her voice was so close to me that it gave me a tingly/tickling feeling... (you know when someone whispers into your ear or when the scissors get close to your ear when you're getting your haircut and hits the "tickling" nerve?). That's how close people were packed in there. I didn't need to hold a railing because people were holding me up.

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